The harder you work, the better your comics become!

I have been working so hard for over eight years on Charmy’s Army. It is fun looking back at the early strips because I can see how much I have improved as a cartoonist. Looking back at my early work, I can understand why syndicates ignored my submissions.

I had planned on doing a weekly segment called Throwback Thursday. After digging through my old strips, I am a bit embarrassed. I am not quite sure if this segment would be a good idea. We will try it out for a few weeks and see how it goes. Depending on the response, this segment my be short lived, lolol……

In this old strip, we see the OLD Charmy who hung out at a bar with Weaver in most strips. The drawing style is so bad. You can see my current style peeking through, but it is painful to watch. The drawings look tight and the lines look forced.

I hate the fonts. I hate fonts, period. Hand lettering looks SO much nicer and organic. Drawing the letters is art. The new comic strips are works of art. These old strips are painful. Man, 2012 feels like a few decades have passed.

This was before I decided to go with DAVY as my name. Notice the signature which states DAVE. Over the years I have worked on everything from my drawing style, to my story telling to a grasp for my own identity. I remember believing I was at the top of my game when I created this strip. That makes me wonder if I am currently as good as I think I am…. :0

Let me know if you want to see more old strips. If enough people want to see more of these rare strips, I will continue posting them.


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