You Won’t Believe How Desperate Frenchy is for Love!

Frenchy is desperate for love....
Warrior Wench Wendy is looking for a love potion.

It is hard to believe that Frenchy or Warrior Wench Wendy would have an issue finding love. To Frenchy and Warrior Wench Wendy’s defense, Warrior Wench Wendy does clarify that she is buying the potion for a friend here in today’s comic strip. I thought about having the gag end with the witch saying that she’s marking the potion as “potion nine”, I figured though that was too obvious. People normally expect that to be the number ever since the the song “Love Potion Number Nine” was such a hit in the 1960’s.

We get to see the first appearance of two characters in today’s comic strip. Today we are introduced to Wicked Witch Wanda’s sister Wonderful Witch Wilma. Yes, you have not meet Wicked Witch Wanda yet. Believe me, you do NOT want to meet her, Wanda is pure evil. Her power over the countryside is growing as dark days beckon. I plan on introducing Wanda in an upcoming comic book. I do not believe a character this deep and complex can be ascertained fully in a four panel comic strip.

We also meet Warrior Wench Wendy’s dragon Hickory. Wendy met her dragon in a dark cave as she was hiding from a horde of ogres in the forbidden forest. Up until this meeting, Wendy had slain hundreds of Pertalion Dragons who had devastated the countryside sparking the War of Pertalion which lasted 18 months. Again, this is more information that you have no idea about. Let me stop the spoilers and move on with today’s blog.

As you can tell, I am ready to launch a Warrior Wench Wendy series. I have so many irons in the fire. I am seriously thinking about cutting WAY back on my shows in 2020 so I can work on all of these projects. With a full time job, cartooning is only worked on when I can manage proper time when I am on my game. The hours after work are near impossible because I love my day job so I put everything I have into my work. After five o’clock I am emotionally and mentally drained… but so very happy with the difference I made for my employer and my co-workers.

This leaves me with two days on the weekend to get any work done. The show appearances are awesome, but I need time to create. I love meeting my readers and making new fans, but I will have to cut back to only 6 shows.

Here are my plans for 2020….

Hill Country Comic Con
Eastern Rim Comic Con
Greater Austin Comic Con
Bell County Comic Con

Of course, if I get invited to a free show appearance somewhere, I will jump on the offer and add another show.

Or if two or three fans contact me about a show near them and they buy a few commissions to make it affordable for me to add a show, I will change my mind in a heartbeat. Afterall, my career is all about making you, may fans, happy.


I made the long drive to the MADDJAM show yesterday. It was THREE miles from my house, lol…. YES ONLY THREE MILES!!!!! That was the biggest benefit to making my appearance here. I figured if it goes as bad as the Lair Con show, I can just pack up and be home in 5 minutes.

I did not have a good feeling about the show. I have never performed well at a show that is not a straight up comic con. This even was a video game tournament… and in a bar. I knew I was so far out of my element that there was NO way I would make any money. I was very sure I was losing my table fee, leaving at the end of the night with a three mile drive that would feel like a cross country trek.

I had my table fee paid off in the first hour! Insane! There was only twenty people at the Smash Brothers video game tournament. The next hour had me doubling my investment. Following those two hours though, sales came to a complete stop. I spent the next four hours talking with my good friends James and Christine Nix who vend at comic cons with me from time to time. I also finally got to have a amazing visit with Steven Garner who is an amazing artist and someone whose work and work ethics I have admired for a few years now. Steven’s setup is so clean and he offers just as much art as I do. I am going to steal so many of his ideas…..

Check out the Nix’s Facebook page HERE.

Check out Steven’s Instagram page HERE.

The show picked back up after a new round of customers came in during “bar hours” and that is when I began selling some art and a bunch of prints. One of my customers ended up being Alex Slay, drummer for The Hunger! It was all I could do to pretend I was not star struck. To be 100% honest, I had no idea until someone pointed it out as I was talking to Alex. I want so badly to ask for a picture with him, but the promoter in me was telling myself to keep the meeting on level territory. I have never met someone so down to earth. If you read this Alex, meeting you was the highlight of the night. You rock! Be warned though, should I meet you again, I am going to geek out and get a photo with you.

I also want to thank John Edwards for organizing the event and inviting me to make this appearance. John worked so hard getting this together and making the turnout the success it was, He also created an amazing trophy for the tournament winner. Super TALENTED!!!!

Thanks again for a great year. I have some amazing fans. You have all made this year very special.


#comics #charmysarmy #TheHunger #WarriorWenchWendy

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