When Life Gives You Lemons….

Frenchy is selling lemonade for a buck!
Frenchy is selling lemonade for a buck!

What a BARGAIN!!!! Lemonade for a dollar. You cannot get that deal these days for fresh, hand-squeezed lemonade. No sir! This deal is ONLY available in today’s comic strip.

The joke above is another play on words. I love this formula when writing gags. You would think such a formula makes writing these types of jokes easy. Well, it is supposed to BUT….. I have not written a gag in 6 months!!!!!

Wait, what????

Yeah, I was on the road for my day job, sitting in an airport during a flight delay… a LONG flight delay…. and I sat down and wrote 6 months worth of weekly comic strips in roughly three hours. This is the first strip I had to write in six months.

I am never taking a break again.

My rhythm was gone. It has always been SO easy to write. Wrting was getting easier and easier, as seen six months ago when I went on a holy tear, writing close to 30 strips in one sitting. This strip was a rough outing. It took me about 45 minutes to work out the gag.

That said, I wrote the next 5 gags for October in just over an hour… so I am getting back in the swing. I am heading out on vacation soon and will bring my notepad with me on the plane in hopes of another creative burst.

Formulas aside, I also use the rhythm method. I know that sounds like something else, but it is a real thing for comic strip writers. I do a four panel strip. As I write, I hear, “Bumpity bumpity bump…. bumpity bumpity bumpity bump…. bippity bippity boo…. wocka wocka wockity” echoing in my head. Maybe I am crazy, but this poetic vibe helps me hear the thoughts more clearly and in a more comedic and rhythmic form. The results are gags in my head playing out more smooth and reverberating with a more pleasant flow, allowing the gags to play out clearer and with more punch.

That or I am super crazy.


If you have not checked out my website lately. please pop over and look at the sleek, new layout. I still have a few pages which need to be simplified. My art page is clunky. The character page is a disaster and will be completely overhauled in a few months. The rest of the pages look awesome.

I am going to begin pulling old blog posts from 2013 – 2015 because some are just a lot of pointless rambling. I may keep a few for posterity. I need to clean them up in case a syndicate pops over to take a look. I need my best on display. Syndication is near, I can feel it!

In the next few month, I will be working on my digital comic book series. I have been struggling with the cost for printing my second issue. I have performed well at my comic con appearances, but the profits go right back into the next show table, hotel, prints, sketch covers and markers. When all is said and done, I have no funds remaining for a print run. Digital comics may be the only answer as there is no cost at all for me.


When life hands you rotten lemons, use a LOT of extra sugar.

There is a deep, dark meaning there. I will leave it you guy all to decipher the meaning.


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