INKtober DAY 1 – Pikachu Hell Boy

Pikachu as Hell Boy
INKtober DAY 1 – Pikachu as Hell Boy

Well, I was going to begin posting my INKtober drawings on Friday when I returned from my Vegas vacation. Hours before my wife and I were to leave, we had a major plumbing issue flood my kitchen and we cancelled our long awaited vacation. It had been 23 years since our last Vegas vacation and 7 years since our last normal vacation. Needless-to-say, we both were immensely disappointed. We hope to try and revisit Vegas in a few years. Meanwhile I am burying myself in work at home so I do not dwell on missing The Beatles Love show I was to be attending right this very minute…. I am never going to see that show now…. SO BUMMED!!!

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Using my sadden state, I took myself to an edgy place to create this amazing Pikachu – Hell Boy mashup. I love the smug look on his face. I feel I really captured the look from the movies with Ron Perlman. If this was not a tiny sketch card, I may have added a massive gun in his regular hand. For the price I sell these cards at, this is as much detail as I can go. I cannot wait to color this one!

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I have only received a few suggestions this year, which is really odd. I usually nearly have every day booked weeks before INKtober begins. Worse case, I will just start picking subjects I want to draw… which makes it so much easier on me anyway… lol…

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