INKtober DAY 2 – Flimp as the Baby Face Killer

Flimp the Chimp as the Baby Face Killer.
Flimp the Chimp as the Baby Face Killer

INKtober rolls on. Here is Flimp the Chimp as the Baby Face Killer from the movie Happy Death Days… which I have never seen. I rarely watch television anymore. I am so focused on my comic strip that I never take a long enough break to sit long enough to watch a movie. Since my Vegas vacation had to be cancelled hours before we were to fly out, I had thought about watching a movie, but I am so depressed over my vacation cancellation that I cannot enough one if I did try and watch something. Just drawing these INKtober drawings is painful enough. I am just not feeling the passion right now.

Drawing these “darker” concepts is pretty easy since I can just channel my current emotions right into the linework. These first two drawings are quite a bit edgier than my normal cute drawings. I guess if anything positive came out of my cancelled vacation, it is the fact I was able to create a few cool sketch cards. Yeah, that does not make me feel any better, lol…

I have one more suggestion for INKtober which I will knock out tomorrow and then I will begin drawing whatever pops into my head. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below (scroll down to see the comment section) or email me at




7 thoughts on “INKtober DAY 2 – Flimp as the Baby Face Killer

  1. Love the baby face killer! The mask is perfect.

    Since you’re asking for additional suggestions… how’s about some classics-

    The Bandit and Buford T Justice from Smokey and the Bandit !

    The Six Million Dollar Man and
    The Bionic Woman!


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