INKtober DAY 3 – Gomez Addams

I am a day behind. Yesterday was my wedding anniversary so I promised myself that I would not draw. My wife and I hung out all day and she purchased a desk so she can work from home twice a week. I spent most of the day assembling the desk because I am super sow when it comes to assembling things. I have to read the entire manual first at least three times. I need to understand the scope of the project. I think the extra prep I take with all of my projects longer to complete than normal… but the work is done correctly the first time, which is critical in my line of work.

I am a huge fan of the Addams Family, so the news of this new animated movie has me so very excited. It will either be awesome or it will be a huge disappointment. I remember when the Three Stooges movie was released and the powers that be had the trio in a modern setting which just killed the movie. You remember characters in a particular manner, a particular time. Any deviation hurts the appeal for hardcore fans.

Today’s INKtober drawing features the patriarch of the Addams Family, Gomez Addams. To me, no one but John Astin will ever be the perfect actor to portray Gomez. John is the version I grew up with as a kid in the mid- 1970’s in reruns on Channel 39 in the afternoons after school. The hour long block featured a n episode of The Munsters followed by an episode of The Addams Family. This had my classmates in a serious debate everyday as to which show was the better comedy. I loved them both and could never pick a side.

I have been playing possibilities for this movie over and over again in my head. Writing for a franchise like this would be a dream come true. Actually, being hired as a writer for any animated film would be a dream come true. So what are my ideas? I will share one with you…


The doorbell rings. Lurch is on the harpsichord so Gomez informs Lurch to keep playing because he would see who is at the door. Morticia tags along. Door is opened…

“Hello! We just moved in across the street. My name is Herman and this is my wife Lillian.” says Herman Munster.

“Yes, and we’ve brought you a Transylvania Fruit Cake” declares Lillian Munster.

Gomez takes the fruit cake. Both Gomez and Morticia are shown with their faces looking perplexed.

“Thanks for the Fruit Cake and welcome to the neighbor hood” Gomez tells them as he closes the door.

Shot from out side as the Munsters look at the closed door.

“I think that went well.” Herman says

“Oh me too!” Lillian says in an excited voice.

Back inside…

“They seem a bit off” whispers Morticia.

“We-ei ei-rddddd…” squeals Gomez.

This would give fans a goose bump moment and leave them wondering if a sequel with the Munsters could be in the wings.

If this new incarnation of The Addams Family is a hit, I hope someone jumps onto The Munsters bandwagon and creates an animated movie for them. In order for that movie to work, you MUST get a voice actor who sounds exactly like Fred Gwynne. Fred was the heart and soul of the show. No one else can pull off that role, a role too critical to any success of a re-boot as witnessed in the past. That said, an animated adaptation would work if the characterization, mannerisms and voice talent matches the magical work of Fred Gwynne.

Gotta run. Contractors are coming out to bid on the kitchen damage. I will get today’s drawing started soon after.



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