INKtober Day 4 – Morticia Addams

INKtober - Day 4 - Morticia Addams
INKtober – Day 4 – Morticia Addams

This was so much fun! I am a huge fan of the original Addams Family television series. I always loved Carolyn Jones’ portrayal of the character. She gave the character a dark, sexy look that only Carolyn could do in the 1960’s. You had to legitimately be sexing during that early era of television because of all the restrictions. Barbara Eden, who played Jeannie on I dream of Jeannie could not show her belly button because that was WAY to shocking for television during that time.

To be honest, it may have been a simpler time, but I truly love the humor of this period. The shows had to actually be funny and interesting. These elements were lost in the 70’s when “shock value” was considered a rating’s grabber and shows lost their creativity and their sense of humor. Even today, it seems shows are more about agendas than they are about quality. I tried watching The Unicorn the other night and was shocked at how poor the writing was. Jokes were just sad observations. I am so glad I have no time for television these days.

Friday has arrived. My vacation would have been over now. Missing my big Vegas trip is behind me. I am still saddened that we missed our vacation, but this is just the way the year has been. We will try again in a few years to return to Vegas, I just hope The Beatles Love is still playing… I am sure it will be. If not, then I will have to find a bootleg of the show somewhere and watch it one day. I have been wanting to see that show since it was first performed in 2006.

As you can tell from today’s drawing, it is brighter and more cheerful. I am finally over missing the Vegas trip. We’ve waited 23 years to get back to that amazing city, we can wait a few more years. I was still able to spend quality time with the wife as we worked around the house. Bonding time with my best friend was all I was looking forward too anyway. I am so lucky to have someone like her who supports my stupid cartooning dream, lol… Every time I begin losing hope on my dream of syndication, she is there to convince me how awesome my work is. And it is awesome. I just need a syndicate to roll the dice with me. That, or I need to figure out how to make money on my own with my work… big money.

Time to get some sleep. I have a ton of work piled up for tomorrow which will include another INKtober card. Stay TOON’ed!!!



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