Frenchy’s “Word to the Wise” may change your life!

Frenchy's "Word to the Wise" is enlightening.
Frenchy’s “Word to the Wise” is enlightening.

Sometimes, I just want to create a comic strip that warms your heart.

I am a huge fan of Peanuts by Charles M Schulz, especially his heart-warming comic strips. Charles M Schulz had a knack for slipping in a little wisdom, a touch of faith, and a splash of growth into his comic strips from time to time. I have been waiting for the right time to slow things up a touch and create a comic strip that inspires and heals.

I have been telling everyone that these strips are created two months ahead of time. It is getting so eerie as to how they are syncing up with issues or circumstances happening to me in my own personal life. It is getting super freaky to be honest. This week’s strip was to serve as a word of faith and support to my readers. Instead, this week’s comic strip speaks to me.

I had mentioned last week that I was prepping for a big vacation. That trip was actually set for last Monday. My wife and I were heading to Las Vegas. It had been 23 years since we visited that amazing city. We are huge fans of everything Vegas. On top of the 23 year gap for that trip, it had been nine years since our last vacation… period. We had a bunch of show tickets purchased and buffets pre purchased and reserved. It was to be our biggest trip ever.

As we sat finalizing the literary with bags packed, just honors before the flight… we heard the sound of a waterfall in the kitchen. The bathroom upstairs was flooding with an inch of water and the weight had crashed through the kitchen ceiling. I can not make this up. I sprang into action and cut off the water but it was too late. The damage was done. I called a plumber first and then began calling all the reservations, getting back whatever money I could.

No vacation again this year… and maybe the next few years.


Today is a gift from God. That is why it is called THE PRESENT. My wife and I drove 30 minutes down the road a few days later to Galveston and walked the Historic Strand District for a few hours and pretended we were on vacation. It was an amazing two hours. We walked through a bunch of tourist trap shops and watched a guy make taffy. That day was a present… as was Monday, the day of the Texas Flood in my kitchen. God is good. Vegas will still be there in a few years when we can try our trip again. It still hurts and weights my heart into a slump, but you cannot dwell on the past. You must live for the present…. and you get a new present EVERY DAY!

I need to see what next week’s strip is about so I can prepare for the next crisis…. lolol…..


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