INKtober DAY 5 – Pugsley Addams

INKtober DAY 5 - Pugsley Addams
INKtober DAY 5 – Pugsley Addams

Chaos! When I think of Pugsley Addams, I think of utter and complete chaos. In order to do this card justice for INKtober, I had to ink in a little chaos in the hands of Pugsley…. and all AROUND Pugsley Addams. To me, any scene with Pugsley needs to have something going array in the background. Wherever Pugsley appears, disaster must follow. Pugsley is a magnet to destruction and mayhem.

Drawing these characters proved to be so natural.I nailed the first three on the first attempt! Maybe Kings Feature, MGM and United Artists, and the family of creator Charles Addams would entertain the idea of me producing a daily or Sunday comic strip…. Hint hint hit…. Or maybe a comic book series should be discussed…. I am game to jump on the creative for anything.


Yes, it is true. Back in 1938, The Addams Family began running in The New Yorker as a single panel comic strip. If you are familiar with comics in The New Yorker, the Addams Family followed that well-known look and feel…. just a lot darker with the look and with the humor. The comic strip was the brainchild of Charles Addams… no relation to the family, lol…. That said, it is rumored that Charles Addams created Morticia based upon his own wife. The resemblance is pretty uncanny.

It wasn’t until 1964, when the television series went into production, that the characters received names. Until that time, the characters were only known as “members of the Addams Family”. The true success for The Addams Family surfaced with the debut of the television series. As great as the show was, it only ran for two seasons with a total of 64 episodes.

The network thought television audiences were tired of monster families and cancelled The Addams Family. Ratings were not an issue, it just came down to the network wanting to freshen up the lineup. The Munsters were left in the same boat. They too were cancelled after the second season because that network also wanted something different than the other network.

I say, “screw the rivalry!”, let’s create a comic book style graphic novel called The Addams Family meets The Munsters! I have the concept all ready to go! The Munsters rent out a cute Victorian style house next door to the Addams after their house exploded after Grandpa’s experience goes ghastly wrong. Though both families are totally eccentric and weird, their differences creates tensions between the family monarchs Gomez and Herman. Meanwhile, Grand mama puts a “love spell” on Grandpa Munster while real fireworks are going off between Wednesday Addams and Eddie Munster. Yes, Wednesday and Eddie stole Pugsley’s dynamite and are blowing things up all over town… and getting pretty attached to each other at the same time.

One gag I am working on is where Lillian asks Morticia how she keeps her floors so clean. Upon asking, Cousin It scoots on by. Morticia says, “I have a real-live Rumba”.

The problem is that I want to work in this line as the punchline… Morticia replies, “It just stinks because our immune systems have gotten so weak in this clean house. What can you do? It is what it is.” I need to work on this.

I have not had a chance to write that idea down, so now it is recorded.

Stay TOON’ed for more INKtober drawings tomorrow!



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