INKtober DAY 6 – Lurch from the Addams Family

INKtober DAY 6 - Lurch from The Addams Family
INKtober DAY 6 – Lurch from The Addams Family

The more I draw the cast of the Addams Family for INKtober, the more I want to see this movie! My drawing of Lurch came out spot on. I cannot begin to tell everyone how much I love drawing my daily INKtober cards. No matter how bad last week was, when I am at my drawing table sketching or inking, I am at peace with the world. I truly believe cartooning is my spiritual calling. That said, I am baffled as to why I have never been able to draw my cartoons for a living. I feel I am good enough, especially now. The only obstacle blocking my passage to success is the elusive “lucky break”.

To be honest, I have given up on being blessed with that “lucky break”. The syndicates know I am here. Publishers know I am here. Launching new properties is risky. That is why I must find a way to make money myself, or I need to sit back and just enjoy my talent as a massively successful hobby. To be honest, I am good with this being a hobby. Being a hobby, the pressure would be off to maintain success. As a hobby, when papers drop me, I can just smile and say, It is their loss”.

Today’s INKtober drawing features Lurch from The Addams Family. I loved the way the original television show used lurch in such a high capacity. As a butler, the writers could have just kept him in the shadows, but they chose to give Lurch character. Most producers would want to writers to pen their attention to the main characters so that the risk of boring the audience is out of the picture. The risk was worth the effort here as Lurch has become one of the most iconic characters in television history.

See how I tied that all in together? lolol….




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