INKtober DAY 7 – THING!!!

How cool is Thing? This disembodied appendage should be hideously grotesque, but instead Thing is a precious, icon fixture in one of the most demented franchises in television history.

I remember as a kid, I believed Thing from the Addams Family was NOT a severed hand because he always appeared like a puppet. The original television did not have the technology that exists today so they had to use shortcuts. Thing would be whoever’s hand was available to stick out from a box. I assumed the box was some sort of portal device and Thing could only get his hand to protrude through this magical portal.


My last big show of the year is less than a month away, I have two possible commissions I am prepping. If these art pieces come through, I will have my table and half of my hotel paid off once the additional two pre-purchases are paid for. This could be my best show yet, and I need at least one good show this year.

Gonna cut today’s blog short. I need to start sketching up these possible commissions. These will be FUN!!!!




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