Despite all Her Rage, Frenchy’s still just a Rat in a Cage

Talk about detail!!!! This dang comic strip took forever to color. I love layered color upon color. As you can see, the result is beautiful. The time if took to color this ONE strip was the sames as when I color four comic strips… and there are only THREE panels in this comic strip!

I love to remind readers every once in a while that the cast are members of a troop of Army Ants. I have to throw in the camp scenes every so often. I love the flag pole and the USA flag flowing in the breeze. Details. Little things like the flag go a long way to tell a story.

I struggled with the sign in the final scene. At first, I was calling the building “the brink”. I have no idea why that name popped into my head. I think my brain was thinking of the work “brig”. That is not a word people would understand. As I was sketching the strip out, the word “stockade” popped into my head. I have a feeling that we will see the stockade a lot in my comic strip.

It is also great seeing Blue in the comic strip, even if only for one panel. I have been wanting to write a few comic strips Blue. I believe he will be a very strong character once this strip gets picked up my a syndicate. As I write this blog, a gag popped into my head for a comic strip starring Blue! I better cut this blog off now and write the idea down.



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