INKtober DAY 10 – Uncle Fester

I cannot wait to find time to watch the new Addams Family movie! If you have followed my blog for a while, or know me personally, you already know that I never have time to sit and watch any movies. I am a workoholic so I never take out enough time for myself to sit and enjoy a movie. I am just too busy working on my comic strip.

I do take watch Monday Night RAW every week. Unfortunately, I do work on my comic strip while I try and enjoy the show. I guess I just want to become a syndicated so much that I just cannot force myself to slow down. I have dreamed of the success my entire life and I refuse to relent. I am bound and determined to get a syndicate to notice me.

Today’s INKtober drawing is Uncle Fester. When I was a kid, I had a toy light bulb that would light up when you held it. I bought it because you could put it in your mouth and it would light up, just like how Uncle Fester lights up light bulbs. I remember getting home and in about five minutes the fun was gone. Why do toys sometimes sound so cool until you actually play with them?

In the early days of Nintendo and the NES System, there were a ton of games that were released which had the same short fizz as my stupid magic lightbulb. After a wave of amazing games like The Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Bionic Commando… there came a ton of companies who wanted to crank out terrible games quickly for a fast buck. I remember purchasing a game called Deadly Towers thinking it would be just like Zelda. Talk about a snore.

I have not played a video game since The Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess. Sometimes I wonder if I should just take a week off and enjoy myself. Play some games… watch a movie… I tried that a few weeks ago and my kitchen ceiling blew up. I should have known better than to temp fate and take a vacation. Cartooning is my blessing and my curse, lolol……

I hope you are enjoying INKtober. If so, PLEASE leave a comment and give me some encouragement!!!!



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