INKtober DAY 13 – Barrel

I am ALL Caught Up!

Here is TODAY’S installment of INKtober 2019. I am swamped with commission work, strip deadlines, and work on paintings for an exhibit I will have my work display in with other syndicated cartoonists. Oh, and then there is the day job as well. I keep saying that I need a vacation so badly…. and I still do. This year’s planned vacation was canned at the last minute. I am gonna push myself for another year and try a vacation sometime again in late 2020. After 5 days of being behind, I am finally caught up and posting INKtober on time!

Meanwhile, I am going to push myself harder than ever and kick butt for my day job and for my dream job. Hard work is so very rewarding when you see those small successes pop up. I learned a long time ago not to look for pats on the back or for rewards for your dedication. I advise everyone to perform at a high level and to never expect recognition from your peers. I have lived by this all my life. If you expect praise, you are going to turn sour on your job. Expecting praise is just wrong in my opinion anyway. If you need someone to tell you that you are doing a good job then you are PROBABLY not doing a good job. Just a little friendly advice. If you want to be as happy as I am all the time, stop being a dweeb and get to work. lolol….

My hard work is paying off by leaps and bounds. My website traffic has exploded. I am seeing 200 times the daily traffic from where I was one month ago. The traffic is continuing to grow on top of that. My website is actually bring in ad revenue because of the increased traffic. The revenue is not enough to cover my website annual fees yet, so I am still losing money, but if the wave keeps growing as it is, by next year, I may break even.

So how much do I spend on the website? I have a $100 annual WordPress fee which allows me to monetize the website. Then I have to promote the site by boosting posts. I allot $30 per month. This month though, I increased the spending monthly to $50 to see if I can turn the success I am seeing into a HUGE success. I will go back to $30 monthly next month. So my annual spend promoting the website will be $380. So my website spend annually totals $480. That will be the same total as the profits from my show appearances and my newspaper payouts when the year is over. I will end up with another break even year.

Next year, the goal will be to have a big profit. I never thought I would invest so much money into my comic strip. I think some cartoonists just think they will put their work up online and people will magically find their website. It does not work that way. You have to spend real money to let people know you exist in this massively huge cyber universe.

This month, I am increasing my spend to $50 and I am going to try something different. I am going to invest in a web traffic generator. I have heard good and very bad things about using these websites. Some people tell me they did receive legitimate traffic while others have told me that they only received garbage, bot traffic. I will let everyone know how this turns out next month.



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