INKtober DAY 17 – Dr Finkelstein

INKtober Day 17 - Dr Finkelstein from The Nightmare Before Christmas
INKtober Day 17 – Dr Finkelstein from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Well, the second half of INKtober is on. I start the second half with a high detail drawing of Dr. Finkelstein from The Nightmare Before Christmas. This will be a fun card to color up using my color Copic markers. I am hoping to have this set ready to sell at Tyler Comic Con in two weeks. Two weeks? I have a TON of work to do. This weekend will be insane… so it will be a normal weekend…. lol.

If there is truly to be asequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas, Dr. Finkelstein may or may not be featured. The mad doctor’s story was completed in the first movie. He no longer has Sally imprisoned… so to speak… so he has no reason to exist. If Disney brings the doctor back in a new, friendly relationship with Sally and Jack, they would be making a bad move. I hope they do not bring Dr. Finkelstein back as Jack and Sally’s bumbling house guest. That would be pointless.

Now, Dr. Finkelstein could become a major part of a sequel if Disney plays this correctly. I would like to see the evil doctor return as the arch villain in a team up with Oogie Boogie as they plan to dethrone Jack and take over Halloween Town. I would love to see them do a paradox split with the holidays becoming mixed up and they attempt to trap Jack in the forgotten Holiday known as Rompustance. The evil plan is to release the crazy hallmark figure of Rompustance, Ivan Rompus, upon the world and have him wreak havoc on the holidays. This leads to Jack Skellington having to save the day and capture Iavn. Once Jack returns Ivan to his holiday, the plan is to lock up the holiday with Jack trapped inside.

Ivan Rompus’s holiday became so silly it verged upon becoming dangerous as Ivan had driven himself mad through all the long hours he had to deal with putting on his holiday year after year. The holiday involved Ivan pranking people, but his pranks became too dangerous. Fearing people would continue getting hurt, the holiday was locked away and forgotten about decades ago.

Yeah, I have actually thought this one out…. Hey, DISNEY! Give me a call please. I will be glad to script this out for you.



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