A Fun Halloween Comic Strip

Charmy's Army runs a new Halloween comic strip for 2019.
Charmy’s Army runs a new Halloween comic strip for 2019.

See more strips in the archive HERE.

I decided to run my Halloween strip THIS week. I wanted to run it early before everyone gets sick of Halloween. You can tell from this comic strip that I am itching to start writing episodic comic strips with a running story. Running in weekly newspapers puts be at a huge disadvantage because it takes seven days to see each comic strip. Readers are not going to recall what went on a week earlier, so I am stuck waiting for a syndicate to pick me up and put me into enough daily papers so I can be a full time cartoonist.

It is going to happen. I just have to get a syndicate’s attention.

I was ready to send another pitch to GoComics, but just as I completed the presentation, my website’s numbers began to climb. I decided to hold off until I could see what was going on. My post likes are still climbing. My ad share revenue is steadily climbing. Today I had an EXTREMELY lucrative day. It appears that after I cleaned up my website and performed a little SEO updates, my website has become the next big thing!

The lucrative angle is what I will be pitching to Kings Features and to GoComics in January. I have decided to wait until after the holidays so I can see how successful this website becomes at the end of the year. If I can do well financially with my strip with extremely limited exposure, imagine how much money I would make on GoComics’ website!

Back to the grind. Gotta color in another dozen sketch cards tonight. Who needs sleep when your dreams are about to come true.


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