INKtober DAY 21 – Pikachu as Kurt Cobain

INKtober DAY 21 - Pikachu as Kurt Cobain
INKtober DAY 21 – Pikachu as Kurt Cobain

And now for something completely different…. a pikachu with a strange death angel thingie floating behind his back.

Also completely different is the fact that THIS installment is inked on a blank sketch cover. This is a commission request for my upcoming appearance in Tyler, Texas in 10 days. This took much more time to create than one of those tiny sketch cards. It came out really good. The cover’s paper stock was terrible though. The surface inked well but when I colored it, the colors gummed up and would not blend. I have found tricks around this issue that work half he time. I was lucky this time and the final looks amazing.

Next month. we will repeat INKtober’s art in an installment I will call GoBlendver. Yeah, I need a better name. Next month I will showcase all of the art from November daily in color. I have been overwhelmed with the success and support for INKtober this year so I want to extend the momentum through November.

Today’s INKtober features Pikachu as the legendary Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. I remember discovering the band a few years before Kurt’s death. I remember when I heard Heart Shaped Box for the first time on the radio. I knew Nirvana was going to become the band to beat… and then Kurt passed away. To this day, I can feel the sadness in my heart. Kurt was an amazing talent and a huge loss to the music industry.

Who knows what could have been.



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