Frenchy and those wasted years…

Frenchy and Sarge look back on life.
Frenchy and Sarge look back on life.

What a rough month October has been! I have really reflected on my own life recently. It seems that every 3 to 4 days in October, something really bad has happened to us. First was the pipe breaking and cancelling our Vegas trip. This was followed by issues at the day job, house repairs, car repairs…. all of which are nothing compared to the bigger picture…. which I face today.

My little Boo Boo is very sick.

Your dogs are member of your family. Boo Boo is my little baby and he is at the hospital right now for a 48 hour observation. My 6 pound bundle of joy is the center of our household. It is so freaking quiet right now. I miss his yapping at every single creek in the walls. It is almost that time of night where he heads off to bed in our bedroom and barks his head off for 15 – 20 minutes begging us to come join him. Believe me, when he returns home, my wife and I will be running to the bed to be with him when he is ready to hit the hay.

Looking back at all the hiccups over this month, I now realize how silly the glitches were. I would suffer a mishap daily for the rest of my life right now to have my little chihuahua sitting in my lap while I watch wrestling on TV.


I have been so distracted by all the mishaps going on this month that I have not been able to work on INKtober. I had planned on catching up on my lunchbreak, but that was when I got the call that Boo Boo was very ill. I may try and get to it during the evening of the Comic Con and post them the first week of November. My main focus right now is my comic con prep and my newspaper comic strips for December. I also have to get painting ready for a gallery… more news on THAT soon.

Gotta run. I have 100 mini print cards to cut out tonight….. oh boy……


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