Warrior Wench Wendy – Dragon Expert

Want to know the real facts behind ancient dragons? Ask Warrior Wench Wendy! She has fought and slain more dragons than anyone. Knowing everything possible about dragons is crucial to ones survival when combating these winged, scaly beasts.

The two royal guards in today’s comic strip will be regular characters in the Warrior Wench Wendy comic book series. The name of the guard with the blonde hair is Noteavon Wright. Yeah, you can’t make up a name like that…. Or can you? Say the name again slowly….

The name of the other guard is Yooby Rong. You are correct, there is probably an Abbott and Costello skit waiting to break out here. I just lost three quaters of my audience who have no idea who Abbott and Costello are. And, I just showed everyone my age my mentioning these two comedic icons.

Speaking of which… when the bloody heck did I begin looking old enough for Senior Discounts? Last time I checked, I was looking pretty young. I would say I could pass for early 40’s… late 30’s on a good day….

Something has happened lately. I keep getting comped a senior discount when I go out and eat. Now, I would say something but let’s face it… I am VERY cheap. A bargain is a bargain. The last time this occurred… last night… I had nearly $10 taken off the meal my Wife and I ordered. I may just start telling the waiters I am a senior citizen for that kind of savings. Honestly, I am over ten years away from being THAT old!!!!

Gotta run. I am working on a HUGE show for an art gallery in Dallas. Need to paint… LATER!


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