Charmy Thanks Tyler Comic Con

What an amazing show! I was floored, that after two years, everyone came back out to see me again and support my dream. You are all amazing. It was fun catching up with everyone. I love your city so freaking much. The old downtown is so beautiful. I hung out at the coffee shop downtown just a few miles from the convention center and just fell in love with the vibe. The coffee was awesome too… oh, and that pastry with the egg and sausage… I wish I could eat there every morning!

I had the show in the bag months before I stepped foot in the convention center. I had pre-sold two pieces and received two commissions before the show began. I love it when this happens because it takes ALL the pressure off. I can relax, eat a good breakfast every morning and not have to worry about making that table back. The only issue I had to worry about was just making enough money to cover hotel and gas… and that was met halfway through the day.

Here are the two commission I created for Anthony Hernandez and Holly Anderson…

Pikachu as Kurt Cobain illustrated by cartoonist Davy Jones.
Pikachu as Kurt Cobain.

First up… Pikachu as Kurt Cobain, YES!!! You heard correctly…. How awesome is this? I began creating Pikachu mash-ups a few shows ago and now I have become the guy who does the crazy Pikachu mash-ups. I wish I did these mash-ups YEARS ago. I am going to create a ton of new ones for 2020.

Here is the second commission. This is Bardock from Dragonball Z.

Pikachu as Bardock from Dragonball Z illustrated by cartoonist Davy Jones.
Pikachu as Bardock from Dragonball Z.

This was so much fun. I love the current sketch covers from DC and Marvel. You can do a lot with your Copic markers. The independent companies have terrible covers that do not allow for blending. The Kurt Cobain cover was on a very bad cover but I managed to pull it off by simplifying the coloring… and sweating a lot. It was nerve-racking. The Dragonball Z cover was easy and allowed my to show off my coloring skills.

Here are the two pre-sales… again, thank you Anthony and Holly!

Pikachu as The Flash illustrated by cartoonist Davy Jones.
Pikachu as The Flash.
Pikachu as Thanos illustrated by cartoonist Davy Jones.
Pikachu as Thanos.

I knew these would sell fast. These covers are so cute!!!! I never do two sketch covers alike so this may be the only Pikachu Thanos I ever do. To draw him again would mean doing something very similar… and I stand by my “one of a kind” motto. If someone does want a commission, I will do another Pikachu Thanos, but the drawing will have to be drastically different.

This is the second Thanos mash-up I have sold this year. At Comicpalooza, I sold a Charmy mash-up with Thanos. I introduced the cover at that show and it sold the first day. I need to do a Rick Sanchez mash-up with Thanos…. Hmmmm….

I also sold a few original sketch cards. I did not write them down so I can only remember one… Oogie Boogie. I made mini pinted versions of this card and sold a bunch of these as well.

Oogie Boogie from A Nightmare Before Christmas illustrated by cartoonist Davy Jones.
Oogie Boogie from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Man that came out so awesome!

I want to thank Bret Mitchell for an amazing show. He was running around like crazy taking care of things like any good promoter. I did not have time to chat with Joel Adams, but to be honest, he has more important fish to fry. I saw him briefly and told him hello, but he was busy… and I was in a rush to get to my panel appearance.

I ope to come back again next year. I have to wait and see how my schedule pans out. October is a busy month full of shows. Traditionally, I appear at Alamo City in San Antonio. This year, as with two years ago, I had already booked Tyler’s show when Alamo City announced their date, which on both occasions ended up being on the exact same day. If I do not make it next year, I may turn my rotation into an appearance every two years for Tyler.

One last time…. THANK YOU ALL. I had an amazing experience in your inviting and welcoming city. I hope to see you all again soon. God Bless you all.


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