Turtle’s Crush on Frenchy Comes to an Abrupt End!

Turtle's crush on Frenchy comes to an end!!!!
Turtle is OVER Frenchy!!!!

Ever since Turtle debuted 7 years ago, he has had a crush on Frenchy. I love this character… Turtle is modeled after myself when I was in school. I would have a mad crush on a girl and all I could do is stand there all nervous and awe struck. I felt like a big old nerd which is why Turtle is drawn the way he is. My eye glasses felt super huge when I was around girls. If I was a cartoon character, I would have has the hearts floating over my head as well.

It is so easy to write for characters I relate to. Feels like I am cheating.


I am so saddened to hear about the devastating fire that erupted TWICE at your amazing Marketplatz and Wursthalle. I am hearing that work is going to begin soon on resurrecting this iconic structure. Word is that the event center will be ready for next year’s Wurstfest. I am sure that this event has rocked you all. Hopefully the rebuild will move smoothly and the structure will be stronger and better than ever.


Yes! I finally submitted Charmy’s Army to Go Comics. I kept putting the submission off because I wanted to have something to say. I needed to complete my larger show appearances and prove that I am a draw at these shows. Tyler Comic Con proved that even when artist’s alley is losing money, I still pull in a profit. My success this year has been amazing and NOW it is time to tell Go Comics about this massive success. I want to bring this momentum over to their syndicate so we can both profit from this amazing comic strip.

Now, we just have to wait. I sent a submission to King Features four months ago. It has been long enough for King Features to have reviewed my submission and to have responded. This marks the third submission to King Features without a response. I have no idea if they ever see the presentation or if the submissions get lost in a massive pile of pitches. Not knowing drives me crazy, but I understand. King Features receives tons of submissions each week. There is no way they can physically review each submission.

I gave another cartoonist some advise regarding syndicates this week. I was up front with him, explaining that they more than likely will never respond. I told him to keep his chin up because this is the nature of the beast these days. You have to produce your comic strips because you enjoy the creative process. You do all this work because you are chasing that treasured dream. You kill yourself inking at all hours of the night because this is what makes you tick. You do this because you were born to be a cartoonist. There is no failures, just learning opportunities. There are no rejections, just incentives to push yourself harder. There is no crying, there is only time for laughter and joy.

I love talking to other cartoonists, inspiring them to draw ad create.


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If you want to buy some art for someone as a Christmas gift, be sure and contact me soon. I have a ton of blank sketch covers just waiting to be inked up. I also will draw up art on any size Bristol board.

Email me at fugcheese@gmail.com with your idea.

I will pencil up a drawing and email it to you for free. You are not obligated to buy until you’ve approved the pencil sketch. If you change your mind after seeing the pencil sketch, you are free to go.

Again, the closer we get to the holidays, the fewer open spots I will have available.


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