Weaver Comes to Life in my Latest Painting

Weaver from the comic strip Charmy's Army painted with acrylics on canvas.
Weaver from the comic strip Charmy’s Army painted with acrylics on canvas.

Art Exhibit Coming to Life!

Here is the second of 5 paintings I am working on for the big art exhibit in Keller, Texas. Weaver Wood is one of the most important characters in my comic strip. Weaver is the glue that holds everything together. If you look at classic television shows featuring insanely crazy characters, there is always one character in the lot who anchors the insanity.

Any successful show MUST have a SANE character to anchor the show or else the show is just silly…. and not a good show.

Gilligan’s Island had the professor. Believe me, without the professor the castaways would have eaten each other within a week. I am pretty sure the skipper would have been the last man standing. If they did not resort to cannibalism, they would have eaten poisonous berries and all died. The professor was key to the success of the show as well. You need some grounding to the silliness or else, you just have a silly show with no substance.

Skip ahead twenty years or so and you have Cheers running for eleven years with a huge cast of crazy characters. The Bar served as and Sam were the anchors for that show as well. Without the bar or Sam the cast may not have went to any extreme like cannibalism, but they would have made some terrible life choices. The bar, along with Sam’s guidance, served as the mental support to keep the antics grounded.

Let’s try one more, more recent show…. How I Met Your Mother. I love this show. You are thinking,,,, wait, all five of those guys were crazy! You are thinking that I am going to say that Ted Mosby was the anchor. Nope. He was just as ridiculous as the other four. Now you are thinking that my theory is blown. WRONG. Ted’s future kids were the anchor to the show and the reason for its success.

Let’s take an example of how shows go bad without the anchor… Happy Days. This show was awesome for two seasons… and then the anchor, Fonzie, became a silly character. The show tries to make Ritchie’s dad the anchor and that worked for a little while until his role was diminished and even hos character became a bit lampoonish. Happy Days ended up being one of those shows I have erased from my memories. The show had great potential but lost its charm because the anchor was pulled up and they drifted out to sea.

Weaver is the anchor for my comic strip Charmy’s Army. This si why my comic strip WILL be syndicated and become a huge success.

I just need a syndicate to take a chance on me! Hopefully the year 2020 will be my year.

“2020 vision – The year the Syndicates see my strip for what it truly is and honestly will be one day soon!”


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