Charmy’s Ten Year Challenge

Charmy's 10 year challenge. Man, my comic strip has changed a lot!
Charmy’s 10 year challenge. Man, my comic strip has changed a lot!

My drawing style has really changed!

Ten years ago, while working at Funtastic Toys in Houston, I doodled this little ant on my lunch break. Charmy’s Army was born. I wanted to develop a drawing style similar to Pearl’s Before Swine when I was developing this new comic strip about a troop of army ants. I had perfected a style for my comic strip called Okrapolis, but that drawing style did not seem to get any attention. It was time for a change so I ripped off Stephan Pastis’s style… doing a rather poor version of his style I might add. For two years I struggled with a style that was no reflection of “who I am”. After two years, I slowly morphed Charmy and the gang into the look and feel you all know and love now.


The timing is perfect. I have jumped all over this Ten Year Challenge so I can show everyone just how far my characters have come. This transformation also serves as a lesson to other artists dreaming of becoming a syndicated cartoonist. The lesson? Stay within your comfort zone and BE YOURSELF. You will never succeed by imitating the style of someone else. Developing and mastering my own, unique style is the reason I have been so successful.

What is Davy’s style?

My style is a collection of techniques and interpretations. The most obvious element is my line weights. I have a very unique method of pulling my ink to create each line. I do NOT use straight lines unless completely necessary. Most lines run thick to thin. I am trying to give an illusion of depth and exaggerated proportions using varying, winding strokes of ink.

The next big element is my interpretation of features such as the eyes and the shape of the characters’ fingers. I have my own unique way of drawing these physical features. I want readers to see the eyes and know, without a doubt, that Davy Jones is the artist drawing these characters. I am know working on this tweak for my “fan art” drawings. I want to draw other characters in such a manner so that people will look at the art and know, again, that Davy Jones drew the fan art. THIS is a HUGE challenge to which I am still working on.

Got a favorite memory?

Be sure and share your favorite memory from Charmy’s Army over the past ten years in the comments below! I would love to hear about your favorite moments and how these adventures related to your own lives.


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