Frenchy is Captured on Canvas!

Frenchy French from the comic strip Chamy's Army is captured on canvas using acrylic paints.
Frenchy French from the comic strip Chamy’s Army is captured on canvas using acrylic paints.

Frenchy has never looked more amazing!

I am so very pleased with my painting for the Gallery Show in Keller, Texas! Frenchy looks amazing. I am getting more comfortable painting with each completed piece. Charmy took a few days to paint. Weaver also took a few days. Frenchy took just a day. Turtle is close to being completed and he also took a full day to paint once his painting gets the last few hours worth of work on those glasses and his shirt. Then, I justy have the Monkey to complete. Flimp will take another full day. I am going to complete these with NO time to spare.

On top of this, I need to complete 5 strips next week for my newspaper commitments. Oh, and I have a show to prep for. When is the show? Saturday. No sweat. I do not need sleep. These are awesome problems to have. I could have NO newspapers running my comic strip. I could have no art galleries interested in displaying my art. I could have bombed at every show I appeared at this year, but I didn’t… I broke even every single time! If I can break even Saturday, 2019 will be the first year where I did not lose money at any of my show appearances! I may not have made any money this year, but I am not losing money for the first time ever.

Last year, I claimed to have had a break even year, but I actually lost around three hundred dollars…. actually very close to three hundred and fifty once all was said and done. Losses came at the tail end of 2018 when I had to book a show that asked for money after my claim was made. Until that request was received, I was dead even.

2019 will go down as my best year yet. I seriously doubt I will have my shows in 2020 all end without losses. I was very blessed this year. I did a few shows where everyone around me lost a ton of money while I somehow managed to break even. I am building an amazing army of dedicated supporters at every show. They are the reasons I have seen all of 2019’s shows end without losses.

Are you enjoying the paintings?

Let me know if you are enjoying these paintings. They are a ton of work so if no one is getting any joy from these things, let me know so I can spend my time drawing stuff you want to see. If you are enjoying the paintings, I will work a few up for my upcoming comic con appearances in 2020.


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