It is time for some HOLIDAY FUN!

Frenchy want's Santa's pot of gold!... Wait.... WHAT????
Frenchy want’s Santa’s pot of gold!… Wait…. WHAT????


Once again, I am bringing a little holiday cheer with my comic strip. For the next few weeks, I will bring you a little story starring Frenchy. I wanted to write a mini story that is a bit twisted… and unlike anything else you have seen in the newspapers before. Sadly, sense I am not syndicated daily, I am only presenting a story that is three strips long. Hopefully next year I will finally be syndicated and I can bring everyone a two week, 12 strip long epic holiday story.

If Santa is listening…. All I want for Christmas this year is a syndication deal. It can just be a “digital platform” assignment. I do not need newspaper placement yet. I just want the opportunity to prove my comic strip’s worth to the syndicate. If I can just pull in some good ad revenue for one of the syndicates, the newspaper placement will follow. I just need the opportunity. So… Santa… can you just pop into the offices of Go Comics and King Features and make sure my submissions are moved from the received stack to the evaluation stack? Oh! And check the trash…. they may be in there as well.

I think I will need to pop into the mall this year and see the man himself! Not sure why I did not think of that. The line for Santa is usually slow during the week. I may drop by Baybrook Mall on my way home from the day job next week and ask him for the syndication deal. Does Santa’s lap have a weight limit? I may need a proxy.



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