Frenchy’s Evil Plan Changes a Bit

Frenchy's evil Holiday Plan continues to play out!
Frenchy’s evil Holiday Plan continues to play out!

Here is the second holiday strip from Charmy’s Army! We continue last week’s story with an update on Frenchy’s evil plan to steal some gold. I would love to really expand this idea out into a 30 minute animated Holiday Special one day. I think this story could be expanded nicely and shaped into a very fun story of greed being overcome by the Spirit of the holidays.

The idea I have for a Holiday Special would include a second story running within the mayhem featuring Charmy, Blue and Weaver. I am still wrestling with a few ideas here. This second story would eventually merge with Frenchy’s story. The merger would be the key to turning Frenchy’s greed around.


The Comic Con Season is over! I completed my last appearance yesterday at Nerd Con 2. The show was a huge success. I am hoarse today from talking so much. I drew free quick sketches for attendees who had the special artist jam draw print. I bet I drew 100 Charmy sketches. I enjoyed every sketch!

The one person I wanted to meet at the show was Voice Actress Tiffany Vollmer. My table was slammed the entire show. So much so I lost a few sales because people would walk off because I could not process payments fast enough. I would see their stack of mini cards left on the table and my heart would sink. I hate not giving everyone that special comic con treatment. If I could afford to hire a helper I would but these shows are only seeing a tiny profit… so tiny I would lose money after paying a helper’s wages.

All of that said, I was so excited when Tiffany Vollmer stopped by my table! Yesterday is such a blur now. I was hoping to see her so I could give her a comic book… and for the life of me, I cannot recall if I gave her one. I know I told her all about my comic strip and my new goal to get an animated version of Charmy’s Army conceptualized. I informed her that I would be contacting her for the role of Frenchy should an animation studio show any interest. Man, I hope I gave her a comic book.

I needed this show to be awesome. As it now concludes, I have at least ended each show this year with a break even victory. I had no losses! I may have taken in any big profits, but I will take these results with a huge smile. This is history. This is my first year with no losses. I did ten shows so this is a huge accomplishment. Next year, I have six shows on my schedule. I doubt the schedule will include ten shows when all is said and done in 2020 because as much as I love these shows, I need to take a step back next year and find more time to dedicate to move the comic strip forward and into syndication.

I hope to see you all at a show next year. Check out my schedule HERE.


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