Santa is REALLY Mad at Frenchy!

Find out why Frenchy is on Santa's Naughty list in today's comic strip from Charmy's Army.
Find out why Frenchy is on Santa’s Naughty list in today’s comic strip from Charmy’s Army.

The holidays are here! You can tell just by looking at the traffic around the shopping centers and malls. People are in a panic trying to get all of their gifts purchased. Thanksgiving arrived late this year so there are fewer shopping days before Christmas. As for myself, I am so behind on my shopping. This has more to do with my comic strip commitments than it does with the shortened buying season.

I am trying to finish up the last painting for an art show in Keller, Texas. This is the fifth and last of some amazing acrylic paintings I have produced on canvas for this art show. On Friday, I am taking a day off so I can make the 5 hour drive to Keller, Texas and drop off my paintings. This marks the first paintings I have created in Acrylic in over 30 years. I forgot how long it takes to create a painting using Acrylic paints. It may be another 30 years before I have time to paint any more, lol….

The Keller Cartooning Exhibit Participating Artists:
David DeGrand –
Bill Hinds – Tank Mcnamara
Donnie Pitchford –
Eliamaria Crawford – or @eliainabox
Milburn Taylor –
Rick Brooks –
William Flint – @flintsworld
Laura Irrgang –
David Jones –
Kevin Middleton –
Clay Sisk –

That is an amazing list of talent. The event begin January 6, 2020. There will be an Artist Reception on Thursday, Jan. 16 at 7 p.m. with live music, refreshments, an opportunity to browse through the show and a chance to chat with the artists. I am still debating on where I can make it up there for the reception. I have a full time job and I use up all of my vacation days so I can make all of these Comic Con appearances. I would need to take off two days to attend the reception. Now if some big dogs from GoComics or King Features plan on showing up, I can EASILY be persuaded to make the drive and burn those valuable vacation days.

The show will be on display through Feb. 19, 2020.

If you want more information on the event, please check out the official site HERE.


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