How to Pronounce “Pecan”

For decades, people have been arguing over the correct pronunciation of the word “pecan”. Thousands of hours of research have been exhausted. I have interviewed people from all over the United States and Europe and I feel confident that this paradox has been resolved.

My research began across the pond. I traveled all over Europe seeking out various cultures so I could get a range of demographics in which to base my studies. Embarking in London, I traveled the countryside. First, I headed down south to Oxford and Southampton. Next I traveled through Bristol on my way to Wales. I scoured Wales as I journeyed up to the legendary Liverpool, home of the most influential band in rock and roll history, The Tiddly Winkers.

Now I drove what felt like forever up to Scotland. Afterwards I took a ferry to Ireland. I knocked on doors. I pounded the pavement. I interviewed thousands of people. How do they pronounce “pecan” in Europe? After 6 long months of research I discovered that there are no pecan trees in Europe nearly ninety-nine percent of the people I talked with had no idea what a pecan was.

Discouraged, I flew back to the United States. Once again I scoured the countryside. I began with the northern states. I stopped people in the big cities. I traveled deep into the forests and interviewed creepy people living in desolate cabins. How do people up north pronounce this word? Is it “peh-cawn” or “Pee-Can”? Resounding results pointed to “peh-cawn”.

Well, that must mean one thing. The pronunciation as “pee-can” must come from the south. YES! This only makes sense. I remembered watching the old sitcom from the 1960’s called “The Beverly Hillbillies”. The character named Granny always talked about making “pee-can” pie. That is how she pronounces the word “pecan”. This must be a southern thing.

I went straight to the most redneck areas of the south. Southerners call these areas “Bass Pro Shop”. I journeyed deep into the hunting section to seek out the experts. I questioned two thousand hunters with “Do you know what a “pee-can” is.


Eureka! It is a Southern thing! People down south refer to the nut as a “pee-can”!


All of these hunters answered me with the same exact response. “Yes, I know what a Pee Can is. That is what I take to the deer blind and use when I have to relieve all the beer I’ve been drinking”.

After their response, I would pull out a pecan from my pocket and ask them, “what is this then”?

The would always respond stating a response sounding like “peh-cawn”.

So where the heck did the pronunciation “pee-can” come from? We have to go back to 1962 and the debut of the television show The Beverly Hillbillies. The show was written by Paul Henning who grew up o a farm in Missouri, but I doubt he grew up eating possum stew. Possums are just big rats. Huge eats rat stew? To make the word “pecan” sound like it was spoken with a southern draw, the word was changed from “peh-cawn” to “pee-can”.

This is just a case where fiction becomes reality.

-Frenchy French

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4 thoughts on “How to Pronounce “Pecan”

  1. Nice read there. Yeah it is definitely “peh-cawn”.

    But you hit a nerve! “Possums are just big rats.” Opossums are not rodents! They are wonderful animals that are great for cleaning up the environment. They do not have rabies and they are North America’s only marsupial. My family and I LOVE our opossums that come to visit.

    Off the soapbox. Take care and have a Merry Christmas!!


    1. LOLOL….. My apologies!!!!! You are correct. They are not rats. Frenchy just finds them creepy. I personally think they are very cool looking.

      But I still wouldn’t eat one. lolol…..

      – Davy


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