Who is that girl?

Frenchy is in a winter disguise.
Frenchy is in a winter disguise.

I am betting this strip occurred on a Tuesday one winter. We all know how much Frenchy hates Tuesdays. I also have a feeling Charmy deserved what he gets here. He knew that was Frenchy. Who would not recognize Frenchy?

In case you have not noticed, I love drawing black eyes. Charmy has been on the receiving end of quite a few knuckle sandwiches. There was the time Frenchy popped him in the eye for eating her sandwich. There was the time Frenchy smacked him in the eye with a rolling pin after Charmy read her diary on Facebook live. Then there was the time Frenchy socked him in the eye after Charmy switched out her deodorant with a block of cream cheese. Seems every black eye was delivered by Charmy.


Thank you ALL for an amazing year. I had my first break even year last year. Thgis year, I am up $400. Yes, that is sad. When all was said and done, I made $400. I broke even at every one of my show appearances. Each road show costs me between $400 and $500. Breaking even means I am making between $400 and $500 per show…. but that just covers the investment unfortunately. No big deal. I would rather break even than lose money.

Last year I was in five newspapers. I vowed to double that number by the end of 2018. Instead, I lost three newspapers. One newspaper went out of business. The other two were owned by the same publisher who sold the two newspapers. The new owners were not interested in running comics. Bummer. I did pick up one new paper a few months ago. Doing the math, that means I finished 2019 with a total of three newspapers. It is obvious that I need to get syndicated. I need a professional syndicate to handle the distribution piece of Charmy’s Army.

This brings me to my goals for 2020.

Goal 1: Push to become a REAL member of the National Cartoonists Society.
I am only a “member in good standing” of the Texas Branch. In order to achieve FULL membership, I need a member in good standing to back me for membership. In January, I will begin a campaign to get myself into the National Cartoonists Society. I feel that if I can get full membership, the syndicates will finally take me seriously and at least respond to my submissions.

GOAL 2: Get Syndicated.
When I say that I want to become syndicated, I am not saying I want to be placed into newspapers. Oh no! I just want a syndicate to sign me up for a digital run on their website. I know that if I could just be placed onto the website of either Go Comics or King Features, I will prove to them that people love Charmy’s Army. Once I am on a huge platform, I know people will sign up to follow my comic strip.

GOAL 3: Have my first Thousand Dollar Show.
I hear my artists neighbors tell me every show about how they make a few thousand bucks every show. Then I observe carefully and scratch my head. There is no way they made half of what I brought in. That said, I have three big shows where I feel I have a shot at having a shot at selling a grand in merchandise. The three shows are Comicpalooza, Greater Austin Comic Con, and Bell County Comic Con. These shows are huge and my fan base doubles every year. I pulled in $500 at each show in 2019. I feel confident that one of these shows will see revenue double. I am going to prep a ton of art by May to insure this goal comes true.

GOAL 4: Be a Guest Artist
I want to do a guest artist spot for someone’s comic strip. I see cartoonists getting a week on other comic strips all of the time. The comic strip does not need to be a syndicated comic strip. I would love to just do one strip for someone’s weekly comic strip. Another option would be to guest as a cover artist for someone’s comic book. I just want some work. I need to build my portfolio. I need the National Cartoonists Society and the syndicates to see my talent. I need more people to discover Charmy’s Army, people I cannot reach at comic cons.

GOAL 5: Work Even Harder
Not sure how I can work even harder to be honest. As it is, I am killing myself. For example I just drove to Dallas just to drop off some paintings for an art show I was invited to. I painted every evening for four months on these paintings. The past four months have been insane. I am pushing myself like crazy at my day job, just to come home and work on Charmy’s Army until my eyes will not focus. How can I work harder? Easy, I am going to work SMARTER. I am going to work harder by adding projects that are easy to manage. I am going to add projects that will reap a profit. I am going to add work that will focus efforts aimed at becoming more visible to the National Cartoonists Society and to the syndicates. This is the only goal where I control the final outcome.

I am 5 years into this year promotional effort for my cartooning career. this new year in 2020 will be crucial. I do not need any of the above goals to actually come true, but I need to feel that a real step forward has been made by the end of 2020. My dream of becoming a real cartoonist has been nearly 50 years in the making. I was 4 years old when I decided I wanted to make a career at this. I am so close to actually achieving this dream. I just need that lucky break which has been eluding me all of these decades.

2020 will be my year.


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