Davy’s Art – 2019 Top 10

1. Charmy’s Army Enjoying Wurstfest

The cast from my comic strip Charmy's Army enjoying Wurstfest
The cast from my comic strip Charmy’s Army enjoying Wurstfest

So much going on in this commission! I had to do a ton of research to insure the costumes were accurate. The tuba had to be authentic. The extra time prepping the sketch and studying the culture behind Wurstfest paid off. This commission came out perfectly. The person who commissioned this piece was super happy!

I actually inked and applied Copics the night before in my hotel room. The drawing is actually in a sketch book. I had to wait until I arrived at the hotel to acquire the book. It took me about 8 hours to ink and apply the Copics to. I was so tired the next day, but it was worth the late night.

The fact that someone loves my characters so much that they wanted a drawing of the characters without a mashup speaks volumes. Readers are finally loving my characters for who they are. Charmy, Flimp, Weaver, Frenchy, Blue, Turtle, and the entire gang are becoming such a hit. I have broken that barrier I have been trying to crash through. I am finally a success as an artist and as a creator!


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