Davy’s Art – 2019 Top 10

8. Pikachu as Deadpool, Superman, and Aquaman

 Pikachu as Deadpool
Pikachu as Deadpool
Pikachu as Superman
Pikachu as Superman

Pikachu as Aquaman
Pikachu as Aquaman

At Greater Austin Comic Con I debuted nine Pokemon mashup sketch cards. All of the cards starred Pikachu as various pop culture icons. The most popular mashups from the set where the three pictured above. I sold out of the Pikachu Superman in four hours. The Pikachu Deadpool sold out at the end of day one. The Pikachu Aquaman sold out by the end of the second and final day of the show. I proved to myself that fan art must be a strong addition to my art offerings if I am going to survive in artist’s alley. At the pace I was heading, losing a few hundred bucks every show, I was looking at dropping out of my artist’s alley ambition within the next 18 months.

Once I added fan art, small profits were seen at every show in the second half of 2019. The test now is to see if the success continues in 2020.

Along with these three Pikachu mashups for Greater Austin Comic Con, I also created Pikachu mashups with Chewbacca, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Batman and the Joker. I completed the set with a Detective Pikachu sketch card. People loved the drawings so much show after show that I am now getting commissions for Pikachu mashups!

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UP NEXT: Davy draws Spongebob and Friends!


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