Davy’s Art – 2019 Top 10

2. Family Portrait – Batman Theme

Family Portrait drawn for Comicpalooza with Batman Theme
Family Portrait drawn for Comicpalooza with Batman Theme

Wow! I had a commission at Comicpalooza to do a portrait of a reader’s wife, son and dog. To be trusted with such a commission was awesome and scary! I took the batman theme to the extreme and came out with this crazy layout. I went a little overboard as I always do, working longer than I bid. I cannot help it. I love giving people more than they expect.

I felt like I was on one of those “baking competition shows” were they throw you a curve ball just when you think you are finished. I had just completed the inking and Copic markers when I was asked to make a tweak. The photo references for the son all had him sporting long hair. I love Gouache Paint because it looks like the Copic Markers when applied properly. I worked my magic and painted over the hair and inked the section all over again. It took about three hours to get that small section to seamlessly patch the affected area. Once done, you could not tell the area was patched. Magic!

The entire family was so excited when they picked up their drawing. This one measures 11 by 17 inches. I bet I put in a good 22 hours on this one… if not more. SO WORTH IT!!!!

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UP NEXT: Davy draws the cast of Charmy’s Army enjoying Wurstfest!


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