Frenchy, the Birthday Girl in All Her Glory!

Celebrate Frenchy's Birthday in today's comic strip!
Celebrate Frenchy’s Birthday in today’s comic strip!

Well, when this comic strip becomes a cultural phenomenon, you can chalk this strip up as answering a future trivia question. When is Frenchy’s Birthday? Frenchy was born on January 1st! You can answer with more detail and sound like a super fan by responding, Frenchy was born on January 1st at One in the morning. Now, as for the YEAR she was born, no one may ever know. I definitely too afraid to ask Frenchy what her age is. I dare say that no one is brave enough. Even to take a guess would mean a painful retaliation.

I, myself, try not to focus on my own age. When I think about how old I am, my brain begins thinking about how long I have been chasing this cartooning dream and my heart begins to sink because time is slipping away. So, I just don;t think about getting old… but my back and my feet and my eyes are thinking about it all the time. The good news is that my mind is as fresh as a teenagers. My wife agrees. She says I think like a kid all the time. You know, now that I think about that…. hmmmm…..


Well, it is that time of year again. I spoke about my professional goals already. I feel that we are all friends here. I also have personal goals as well. I feel that if I talk about them, I will be under pressure to achieve this resolutions for 2020.

LOSE WEIGHT! – Yes, I have gained about 35 pounds in 6 months after I worked so hard to get my blood pressure and health back in order. I have never felt better, but I need to get back into Rock Star shape before my three big shows, Comicpalooza, Greater Austin Comic Con, and Bell County Comic Con. I want to drop at least 30 pounds by May. I am going to do it too! I just have to finish those Chocolate Covered Twinkies I bought today and the 6 bags of holiday cookies I bought last week at Aldi’s.

MAKE TIME FOR FUN – I have been working non-stop on my comic strip for four years. I never watch movies anymore. I never play video games anymore. I just work. In 2020, I am going to set time aside at least once every two weeks to sit in my recliner and watch a movie. I also am going to take a real vacation in 2020. My wife and I tried to visit Las Vegas this year, but a pipe busted, flooding our house, as we were walking out the door to the airport. I cannot make this stuff up. This was a terrible year.

STOP STRESSING – Stuff happens. Some things just DON’T happen. After a decade of developing strips for syndication and seeing failure after failure, it is time to accept the facts and just enjoy my dream as a hobby. Cartooning would have been an amazing Dream Job. Looking at my cartooning skills a a Dream HOBBY is a more realistic outlook. In 2020, I am going to try looking at Charmy’s Army as a hobby so I can chill a bit. I have stressed myself out more than anyone knows in 2020. I was expecting the syndicates to finally bite on my submissions. Instead, I saw my first year with no responses to my submissions. I am so discouraged, but I am working on accepting this. In 2020, I am going to continue making strips for the newspapers who run Charmy’s Army and forget about making real money. To be honest, I am very happy about this new outlook on my future. Treating this dream as a hobby will make life more enjoyable.


Tell me your new year’s resolutions in the comments! I love hearing from my readers. Let me know what you are trying to accomplish in the new year and I will respond with moral support!


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