Warrior Wench Wendy Tackles a Giant

Warrior Wench Wendy tackles a giant dragon in today's comic strip.
Warrior Wench Wendy tackles a giant dragon in today’s comic strip.
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What a corny gag! I am quite proud of this gag. I came up with it the same way I have came up with the last 30 gags… I am sitting at a stoplight and BAM!… gag hits me out of nowhere. I do not even try anymore. This is great news because I have ZERO hours to write these days.

My day job’s lunch break has been when I traditionally wrote my comic strips. For the past three months my alloted time for lunch has seen me driving through the McDonald’s takeout window and racing back to my desk to swallow my burger whole as I try my best to keep up with the frantic pace of a job that is becoming more and more demanding of my time. Do not feel sorry for me…. I love it. I am a happiest when I am super swamped.

Just look at what I do to myself when I get home from a frantic day that would kill an ordinary person. Once I get home, I just start again with my comic strip. I immediately start writing blogs, working on art for strips , prepping new prints for my shows, creating new art for my shows, posting blurbs on social media, firing up a new commission, Creating paid supporter content for Patreon, or emailing newspapers about my amazing comic strip.

I never stop working.

People see me at the show and ask if I have a full time job. No one believes I pull off the amount of art that I do while managing a 40 hour per week job. Lately, it has been a 45 to 50 hour per week job… plus add close to two hours drive time to and from work per day and I am consuming 60 hours per week…. or 12 hours per day. Add 8 hours for sleep each day and I have 4 hours available for my strip. I am going to start walking an hour every day after work, so now I have three hours. I can get a ton of work done in three hours! That is 15 hours Monday through Friday. On Saturday and Sunday, I work all weekend on my strip. That is 32 hours for the weekend allotted for art. That gives me 47 hours per week! Now, you have to take out 7 hours for family time on the weekend and during the week… I actually track this. Now I am putting in 40 hours per week on my comic strip.

Now, do you see how I get so much art created?

I just have no life. It is easy. I never get to watch movies. I never go out to see concerts… I do try and make time for a date night with the wife one evening per month…. which is tracked into those 7 free hours I spoke about for family time. The backlash is that whenever I do find myself indulging in something fun, I feal guilty as though I am cheating on my fans. I hate this feeling!

The good news is that I know one day I will become syndicated into enough newspapers that I can become a real cartoonist and draw my art for my living. THEN… I will spend EIGHTY hours per week making a @#$% load of amazing art. Just think what I can accomplish when I am syndicated!


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