Charmy gets a Tattoo!!!

Charmy gets a tattoo in today's comic strip!
Charmy gets a tattoo in today’s comic strip!

Tattoos are all the rage these days so it only makes sense that Charmy would get a tattoo… or does it. Charmy hates needles. I am betting he was passed out during the inking process!

I feel for Charmy when it comes to his fear of needles. I feel the same way about needles. With the blood pressure medicine I am on, I must get my blood checked every six months. I have to lay down to do this because I pass out if I am seated during the procedure. First I begin sweating. Then I feel very cold. Then I see tiny white dots everywhere. Then I see nothing because I am out like a light. The crazy thing is when I am out I am alert to my surroundings but my body is asleep for all sense and purposes. It is freaky as all heck. Now, that sounds scary but when this occurs I am at peace. As rough as work has been lately, stressing me out like I have never been stressed before, I now think that getting blood drawn could be inviting…. I need that “at peace” feeling again… lol….

Yeah, no. Nothing makes me want to see a needle.

Onto the subject of tattoos, I love them! At my comic con appearances, my fans love to showing me their tattoos and I love seeing them. I have seen some amazing art. Oh, if the wife is reading this, don’t worry, they are always on a “clean” body part. If a shirt begins to unbutton or drawers are being grabbed, I would take a hard pass. I run a family operation here! lol….

One of these days, I am sure I will see my first Warrior Wenchy Wendy tattoo. Once syndication blesses me and my dream comes true, I am betting a Charmy’s Army tattoo will rear it’s head! I cannot wait to see it too, depending where it is, lol….

Enjoy today’s comic strip. Let me know what YOU think Charmy’s tattoo looks like in the comments for today’s blog!!!!


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