Frenchy will Believe Anything

Davy the Selling Man

Some of you have seen me at my comic con appearances. If you have, you know I am a great salesman! I love talking to people and I love to pitch something I believe in. What I love most about appearing at my comic cons is the fact that I get to experience this amazing state of Texas. I plan months in advance for my sight-seeing time. I drive up a day early to the out-of-town shows so I can check out a small museum or a historical site. I love Texas! Getting out and exploring makes each show a small adventure.

My day job sent me out to a large convention put on by a company called Orgil. I have been out in Orlando this week pitching our product Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream to stores who use Orgil as their product distributor. I love expanding my horizons within my day job so I welcome the opportunity to be in sales for a few days. Last year, I was sent to two tiny demos for the company. Both of these small shows lasted a half day. One was three or four hours and the other was maybe 5 hours long. In both cases, I flew in and pitched our product… and then flew home. There were no orders to write because I was demoing the product for mostly store managers who already had the product. I really enjoyed the demos last year, but I did not feel like I was doing anything special for my company… and I had no time to explore these cities.

I flew out Wednesday for this massive show and was able to use the first day to enjoy some food. I had a slice of pizza that was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced! In Texas, we do not know how to make pizza. This pizza has a 4 inch wall of crust and about five pounds of cheese. I will never order a pizza here in League City, Texas ever again. I am ruined for life. Why can’t Texans make a good pizza? I think it is because we Texans refuse to believe anyone up north can do something better than we can. Well, they can and they DO!

Every evening my sales partner took me to one amazing hot spot after another so I ate very well! Orlando has some amazing food!… except in the convention center. The food was beyond terrible. I did have a gryo the last day that was really good, but only when measured against the other choices. Convention food is always terrible right? WRONG! The Belton Expo Center, home of Bell County Comic Con has the most AMAZING hotdog you will ever eat!!! Every other convention hall I have been in does have terrible food.

Why do I usually end up talking about food?

There is a big show coming up later this year in Las Vegas. I am hoping I impressed everyone enough with my demo skills that I get asked to pitch our Barrier Skin Cream in Las Vegas. If you recall, my wife and I were going to Las Vegas last October when our kitchen flooded, causing us to cancel our vacation. I have been itching to get out there ever since we began planning our trip the PREVIOUS October. Without a few days alone with my wife, a sales trip to Las Vegas would not meet the expectations I have of that city, but a taste would be awesome. It’ll be another 10 years before we can manage that trip again.

I flew in from Orlando last night and hit the bed hard. I had six hours of sleep the first two nights and only 4 the second night. It was hard to sleep and I had a ton of stuff on my mind. My laptop crashed before I left it is toast. I am struggling right now without my computer.

Posts may be far late for a month or so…. At least until I can scrape up enough money for a new laptop.


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