Never Anger a Monkey

Comic Con Season in Jeopardy!

Yikes! The Corona Virus is scaring the jeepers out of everyone and the pill is hard to swallow. South By Southwest is a huge music festival in Austin, Texas with people traveling into the city from all over the world to enjoy the massive concert event which plays all over Austin. The festival stills into small bars as well as the local stadium. There are millions of dollars to be made… and the event was cancelled due to fears of the Corona Virus. This cancellation will seriously hurt the economy in Austin as well as the small business owners who depend on the annual event to keep their doors open.

Emerald City Comic Con was next to follow suit. The mega con cancelled their comic con soon afterwards sending artists into a dark state of being. Artists may not make a killing at these show appearances, but the tiny profits we do receive are what pays to help keep our dreams alive. A few hundred bucks here and there help us buy the next table so we can promote ourselves in the next city. Building a fanbase is crucial for an artist’s survival.

Personally, for me, these comic con appearances are what keeps me moving forward. It is a spiritual lift for my self esteem. Hearing fans telling me how much they love Frenchy and the stupid monkey lets me know that I am not wasting my efforts on a lost call. Hearing people laugh at my stupid jokes during a panel gives me so much joy in my heart. Lately, people have been even asking to take pictures with me. Oh, how things have changed for me since I began this journey five years ago.

Will the dominoes begin to knock each other over?

With Emerald City Comic Con cancelling their event, the fear running around Artist’s Alley is that other shows will follow suit. We are also fearful that cities will force shows to cancel. Some smaller shows use city ran community centers. I have Hill Country Comic Con coming up and it is in the New Braunfels Community Center. I am fearful that the city will be the one shutting us down.

The big test will be in a few weeks when the Dallas Fan Expo rocks Texas. I came very close to grabbing a table. I just could not afford it this year. I am actually glad I am passing. My fear is that the celebrities will all pull out, so fans will demand refunds and the attendance will be wiped out. I am fearful that artists will not make their table money back, let alone hotel and expenses.


Looking at $1000 to get me back in a computer I can actually use. I am having one specifically made to order so I can save money, but I will not have it until the MIDDLE OF APRIL!!!! Panic is really setting in. I am not going to have merchandise ready for Hill Country Comic Con. I am going to sell whatever I have left over from BrazCon. Hopefully I can get the computer in time to produce cards for Eastern Rim in the middle of April. It’ll be a rough couple of months!

Gotta run. Using my son’s computer to get the blog out. Later!!!!


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