Mushy Kissing in today’s Comic Strip… YUCK!!!

What a pair of love bird! In today’s comic strip we witness a young couple with a fiery passion for each other. Oh, young love. So few people can maintain their love for their partner through out the many years of a lifetime. I count myself so lucky. I am still as much in love with my wife as I was when I said, “I do”. Not sure what I did in my life to deserve such an amazing spouse. I must have made God very proud of the work I’ve done upon this earth.

To be honest, my entire life has been so very Blessed. I capitalized the word “Blessed” for a reason. I was taught decades ago in Catholic school that any works by God are to be capitalized. I t makes me so happy just to think that my lifelong dream of having my comic strip run in a newspaper has come true. I have been running in The Weekly Bulletin in Brazoria County for over four years now. I have never been more happier in my life.

My next goal? I want to become a REAL member of the National Cartoonists Society. I am awaiting the reveal of the Reuben Award nominations so I can find out again that I am not nominated for Webcomic of the year, lol…. Once the nominees are revealed in a few weeks, that will mark the launch of my campaign. At that time, I will be putting a call out to current members for backing of my request for full membership. Becoming a full member of the National Cartoonists Society will allow me to actually attend a Reuben Awards ceremony! Oh, that would be the pinnacle of my career. I say that ONLY because I have finally concluded that syndication will never grace my favor.


Frenchy and Flimp make a great duo! Flimp may not appear at first to be needed here, right? WRONG! Flimp was added for a reason. Read the strips AGAIN but imagine that Flimp is not there. Without the presence of Flimp, Frenchy’s comments will sound mean-spirited. With Flimp the Chimp in place, Frenchy’s comments have a more playful appeal. Flimp’s dumb-founded expression at the end softens the blow.

I tell everyone at my comic con appearances that I over think every scene… every detail. This is another example of how much prep and thought is placed into a strip. Note the camera angle changes. Every panel is sketched out. Panels are redrawn a few times as well. Inks are not applied until the flow and karma of the layout pans out and makes me smile. Perfection. I strive for it… and I make dang sure I achieve it to the best of m y ability. I say “the best of my ability” because I know I can always do better… and that I am constantly growing as an artist.

TIP: Never think you are a great artist. No one is. Everyone can do better… and should strive to do so.

I love listening to other cartoonists discussing their processes when creating art. An artist can always learn and improve… no matter how good they believe they are. The joy of “upping your game” after utilizing something you’ve heard from another artist is an amazing feeling. I actually ran into a fan while traveling for the day job. He has a webcomic of his own. I was explaining how I create my comic strip with pen and in when he lit up with a look of astonishment. He too draws his strips by hand, but uses a font in his final art. I explained how I letter my comic strips using a default font for placement, and then I use my own style of lettering on top when I ink on a light table. The guy was so excited to hear this as his reason for using fonts was the fact it was so hard to letter the fonts and get them centered. I explained that what I was doing was penciling in the fonts digitally in Photoshop. He left telling me that he could not wait to try this technique when he gets home.

I will begin a video series soon with tips like this!


Be safe.
May God Bless
Stay smart…
And we shall survive this mess!

I know things are crazy right now with store shelves being emptied by people in a panic. Please enjoy my blogs and social media feeds. I vow not to hark on the chaos of the world. God placed me upon this most beautiful Earth to entertain the lot of you. I try not to impose my religion ever. I am upfront though and openly thank my Lord, but I do my best not to come off preachy. If I do, I apologize. I will never discuss politics… ever. I am here on this planet to entertain you and make you smile.

That is what I will continue to do.

If you want a break from the insanity, follow my social media pages.

Do it “just for laughs”!

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