No MSG in THIS Comic Strip!!! – The #rEVOLUTION Begins…

There is NEVER any MSG in my comic strips.... EVER!!!!
There is NEVER any MSG in my comic strips…. EVER!!!!

The #rEVOLUTION Begins!

I am teasing the world with news that something “different” is coming from Charmy’s Army. What the heck is the talk about a #rEVOLUTION? Well, I have been producing this amazing comic strip for 6 years now to amazing success. I have a huge fan base. I have profitable comic con appearances. Success has never tasted sweeter. The only thing missing is acceptance from my peers. I crave recognition from my fellow cartoonists… but I am a tiny blip on their radar. I need to make my blimp larger. I need to create something that will force the professionals in this industry to heed my talent.

My #rEVOLUTION will have the world taking note!

So, what spurred this #rEVOLUTION? A few days ago the Reuben Awards were announced and once again, I was not nominated in the webcomic division. The nominees are all way better than me, but it still mad me a bit sad. I never expected the nod, that would be stupid. The second I saw that I was not one of the three nominees, my first thought was, “Why do other professional cartoonists tend to shy away from me?”

I have tried connecting with a few cartoonists in the industry, but they tend to all pass on my friend requests. I follow so many of these cartoonists and see a community of professionals liking and commenting on each other’s posts. I want to be a part of this community. I want to be accepted by my peers. In order for me to ever make it in this industry, I must become part of this world.

I thought to myself, “How can I get noticed”? That is when it hit me. I must create the ultimate comic book. I need a graphic novel based on Charmy’s Army that will make you laugh… and cry. I want to create a story where you cry at the end and feel joy like you’ve never felt after reading a comic book. I need the ultimate graphic novel.

I am prepared to deliver this exact epic.

True Twit.

I have never been more excited to present the world with a story that will change everything. Never has a comic strip branched out into the dark world of Graphic Novels. I am not revealing anything yet. I will inform you that the beginning, the middle, the twist, and the tear jerking ending is finalized. You will never look at any other comic strip again without comparing them to Charmy’s Army. I am going to set that bar so high!



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