Missing Your Favorite Comic Con? Davy has a Solution!


I feel your pain. My brain has been running in circles with idea after idea as my pea brain tries to figure out how I can give you all that comic con experience. I think I have a great plan. You are all meeting that thrill of meeting your idols. You miss getting prints from your favorite artists. You miss that haul of goodies. You miss your running buddies who you share that experience with. I want to give you the joy you feel at these pop culture events. Most of all, I want to help you all escape from the scary world we are walking in. More on that in a second.


My favorite shows are the ones where I drive up the day before the event. Last year, my favorite show was in New Braunfels. Hill Country Comic Con is an amazing show, but the town is one of the hidden treasures in Texas. I had my day all planned out for the past six months. I was to wake up at 6:00 am and leave by 7:00 am. This would get me to New Braunfels by 11:00 so I could eat catfish at The Clear Springs Restaurant. Debbie and I ate there last year and the catfish was so good it reminded me of my childhood. My granny made the best catfish I ever ate. No one comes close, but this restaurant came closer than any other restaurant to date. I would then setup my display because we can do so the day before. Once done, I would go to Gruene and explore the shops, drink some wine, and eat one more time. Oh! and I would go buy some pickles at the Frickle Pickle. Then I would go to the hotel and work on my commission for Rudy.

Today was to be an amazing day. A day I was robbed of last year. Last year I had to perform demos for work in Kentucky and I did not get home until 2:30 am. Debbie and I did not leave for the show until around noon so we missed out on going to Gruene. We setup my display, ate a quick dinner, and then we sat in the hotel while I worked until 3:00 am on commissions. It was not the day I wanted to share with Debbie, but it was still fun. I always have fun when Debbie goes with me to these shows.

Instead, today I worked like a mad man at the day job, forcing a smile as I thought about the Guadalupe and Comal rivers which run through this majestic, German town. There are several cartoonists friends I looked forward to seeing on Saturday. Guy Gilchrist is one of the few professional cartoonist who have taken time to encourage me and my dream. I owe Guy a debt of gratitude for his tutelage and belief. I was also hoping to see Rick Brooks, creator of Mr. Morris, who is one of the nicest guys I have ever met.


I am working on my first digital treasury collection. My first collection will include the first year in print for Charmy’s Army. The download will include some free bonuses… a free COMIC CON EXPERIENCE. The compressed zip file will include…

  1. Digital 11 x 17 print
  2. THREE Digital Coloring Pages
  3. 8 x 10 Digital Photo of Davy and Cast with a fake autograph
  4. Thank You Letter from Davy
Here is the Digital 11 x 17 Print!

I hope to have this first book ready to down load in a few weeks. I need this to be perfect.

Please stay safe. Wash your hands. Social distance yourself… and Stay positive. We will get through this mess.


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