What is the #rEVOLUTION Movement?

What is the new cartooning hashtag #rEVOLUTION all about? Read the blog and join the new movement!
The new cartooning age begins!

Comic cons are cancelling or postponing across the United States and across the world as this pandemic cripples the lives of small business owners and the creative community’s talented artists. My name is Davy Jones, creator of the comic strip Charmy’s Army, and I have vision. I see a world of thriving artists who spit in the face of destitution. Well, maybe I should not be talking about spitting into faces right now. Yikes! My bad. Let me try again. My world is filled with artists who stand victorious during these troubled times, bringing joy and comfort to people across the world. I shall assemble a legion of talent who will offer a welcomed escape from the fear of the unknow,

Together, using the hashtag #rEVOLUTION, we shall bring light into the darkness.

United, we shall give hope to our world… our fans… our brothers and sisters.


The hashtag is an idea I had months before the pandemic. My comic strip is about to evolve into more than just a mere comic strip. I am about to take my simple, newspaper comic strip and generate graphic novels with an edge. I want to navigate the waters other newspaper strips have never coursed. My plan was to use #rEVOLUTION to bring attention to my effort at changing the way everyone looks at a newspaper comic strip. I want to be the first newspaper cartoonist to take their comic strip to a wider audience. I dreamed this movement would resurrect the crippling newspaper industry.

Then all Hell broke loose and the pandemic struck.

NEW VISION! I now want to share my hashtag to bring happiness to the world by uniting artists together with one common goal. I want artists to use their talent to better the lives of people across the world. Together, we can use our God given talents to ease the pain of our nation. The main priority is to give, not receive. If you use the hashtag to sell something, like a digital comic book, you must offer something free along with the download.

I am using my hashtag to sell my digital treasury collections which will all be released with a “comic con experience”. Issue one will include digital extras you only get at one of my comic con appearances. The first digital release will include an 11 x 17 print of the cover art, three coloring pages, an autographed photo of me and the cast, and a thank you letter with a message of hope and reassurance.

Children are my biggest concern so I ask all cartoonists and artists who join the #rEVOLUTION movement to offer a few free coloring pages on their websites. I also ask that all participants consider the children of our nation and keep all content offered “family friendly”. This movement is for everyone.

Family friendly works to inspire.

Adult content
Political views
Graphic content
Just remember, this movement is for ages 3 to 100


The proper hashtag with always have the letter r in lowercase. This is a revolution and an evolution. That said, EVOLUTION must always be in all caps. There are actually two missions being accomplished with the #rEVOLUTION movement. Originally, when I created this movement for my comic strip, the two movements were the evolution of my comic strip from a simple newspaper comic strip transforming into an edgy graphic novel experience. The revolution factor was the movement aimed at changing the way readers looked at all newspaper comic strips and the way cartoonists approached their work.

Now, the REVOLUTION – EVOLUTION stands for something more important.


The Revolution rages war against the pandemic and brings salvation to the all the innocent people caught in the wake of this unprecedented event. Our movement shall focus on entertaining the plighted community with our unique talents by offering free coloring pages for download. Each artist will create a page on their website for their coloring pages downloads. These pages will be linked to a master index page at http://www.myfreecoloringpages.com. Every artist’s download page will need to include a link back to the http://www.myfreecoloringpages.com.


Artists are encouraged to advertise their digital merchandise on their coloring pages. The evolution phase is all about the rise of digital art during the pandemic. With Comic Cons cancelling across the nation, the regulars in Artist’s Alley are struggling to survive. Banded together, we can “draw” attention to our talents. The goal is to turn this page of links into a viral community where parents to to find entertainment for their children. The hope is that the site becomes a destination for bored shut-ins of all ages where they can find an escape from the harsh reality of our world. The goal is to get all of our digital art and comics visible for people to purchase and support our talents in return for the free goodies. The final goal is to turn more people onto the digital world of comics and generate a stronger source of future income and visibility for all artists.


Want to join the #rEVOLUTION? It is easy…

  1. Create a page on your website where your download will be available.
  2. Add a link back to this page. I will create a banner in a day or two.
  3. Add a link to your digital art you have for sale. This is optional should you just want to offer a free coloring page.
  4. Contact Davy at fugcheese@gmail.com with your link and Davy will add you to the links page.

All art is subject to review for content. Remember, all coloring pages must be family friendly. All subject matter must be pure fun. Please do not create anything political in nature. Please do not include art with nudity or graphic violence. All art must be suitable for children.

Please give me a few days to review art and get you linked up.

The website will be up tomorrow!!!!

Let’s make a difference in this world! #rEVOLUTION


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