Flimp Eats Garbage!!!!! GROSS!!!! Today’s comic strip goes too far!!!!!!!

Flimp Eats Garbage!!!!! GROSS!!!! Today's comic strip goes too far!!!!!!!
Flimp Eats Garbage!!!!! GROSS!!!! Today’s comic strip goes too far!!!!!!!

The next few comic strips are so awesome!!!! Flimp eats garbage!!!!!!! This will mark the height of my creativity. If I do not get syndicated now, I never will. Actually, I may have just sabotaged my efforts with the next series of comic strips.

As you can see in today’s comic strip, the three flies have returned! Trivia time!!!!! The flies have names. The name of the crazy fly is Bees. The one who is the “lady’s man” is Gator. The other one who is sort of dorky and dumb is Gravy. They met 10 years ago at the Baton Rouge Rot Iron Rally. This is the annual gathering of flies as they celebrate the crawfish season. Located at the 52nd Street Waste Station, this gathering offers week old crawfish from local restaurants and various festivals from weeks prior.

The three do have their tensions from time to time. You can see in panel three that Bees is looking at Gravy with a pretty mean stare. Sometimes Gravy goes too far when he is ribbing Bees. Gator always plays peace maker. You can see in the last panel that Gator is giving Gravy a good talking to. The only time they had any real riff between them was that time they met Greta at a house party in Philly four years ago. Greta flirted with both Gravy and Bees the entire night before Gator swept in and made off with her. The three did not speak for over a year. Greta ended up cleaning out Gator’s bank account and Gravy and Bees came to his rescue, bailing him out of debt.

During that year, they made several appearances in my strip. Working with them was next to impossible. Greta dated Gator for several months. She would come to our shoots and sit quietly in the corner. Bees was a pro and worked as though nothing was wrong… until the shoot was over that is. After one shoot, Bees punched out Gator. Knocked out his butt! Gravy was terrible to deal with and was extremely difficult to direct. Gator was a mess because he felt guilty. you could tell. I actually felt sorry for Gator. Greta egged things on. In between takes, she would get all “lovey dovey” with Gator. I always thought she loved the drama and was putting fuel on the fire. It turns out, she was just manipulating Gator so she could keep spending his money.

So now you know a little more about the three flies who frequent my comic strip. Every character has a backstory. You may see a few characters return soon. Characters you saw in only a scene or two. Whenever a character is added, I begin working on ideas for bringing them back for bigger and better things. One character who deserves more attention is Blue. I doubt anyone knows his last name. TRIVIA TIME PART 2! Blue’s last name is Berry. Yep, his name is Blue Berry. Actually, Blue is his nickname. His parents were not that mean. His real first name is Dingus… Dingus Berry.


The world has us all sheltering in place, far away from our extended families. I pray that you all keep with the true spirit of the holiday and celebrate the Rising of our Savior so that we can all be accepted on day into our Father’s Kingdom. To me, this Holy Day is more important than Christmas. Christmas is a lot more fun… but the true meaning behind Easter marks the brilliance of His love and the ultimate sacrifice for a motley crew of sinners like us.

Continue staying home if you can. Wear masks in public. Practice social distancing and WASH THOSE HANDS! We will all get through this. We live in the United freaking States of glorious America. We are strong. We are awesome. We will get through this.


Yes, I am offering FREE coloring pages on my website. Click HERE to check out the artists helping me with this endeavor. I only have ONE artist helping me currently, but I am working on more. I have FIVE pages up on my website and I will add more next weekend.

If there is any prints of mine you love, or if there are any sketch covers or sketch cards you have gone hog wild over, let me know and I will see if they can be converted into a coloring page. My goal is to add a few pages each week throughout the year. Once this pandemic is over, I plan on leaving the page up until we are completely sure this deadly pandemic is truly under control.

Feel free to print as many copies as you’d like. Color them up and send me a photo or scan of your work. I may even post them on my website for all to see! And please SHARE the link with all of your friends and even your enemies. Bad people love to color too.



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