How Turtle Presses his Luck!

Turtle looks for four leaf clovers in today's comic strip.

Oh, simpler times…

I am always thinking of my dear grandmother who I always referred to as Hoo Hoo. She was the first character I gave a name to… Hoo Hoo. She was the driving force behind my faith and my creative talent as she was highly supportive of both my love of God and my passion for cartooning. Hoo Hoo once told me that I was going to achieve anything I wanted. If she said that, she believed that. Hoo Hoo never lied, so I took this to heart as gospel.

Hoo Hoo’s faith in ME inspired me to reach the heights for which I have risen. My own faith for someone else who has risen just added more fuel to my journey. Where there is faith, there is passion. Where there is passion, there is opportunity. Hard work through passion gains opportunity. I owe all of my success to my Hoo Hoo.

Hoo Hoo was 50/50 Irish and Scottish. She embraced her Irish heritage and showed me at a very early age how fun it was to look for four leaf clover. She always told me to never believe in the luck people associate with a four leaf clover. This was just a fun little Irish game. I would spend hours looking for four leaf clovers, bringing them to her like flowers.

To this day, every spring before I fertilize my lawn and kill off my clover, I spend time looking for a few new clovers to keep in my wallet. I have three in my wallet right now. I see them every day and say a prayer for my dear Hoo Hoo. I miss her so terribly, but I know I will see her again and she will have waiting for me a cup of fresh coffee with a ton of milk in it, a bunch of coconut cookies, a few pens, and some paper. She will be grinning ear to ear as I draw horses running in a field for Hoo Hoo to hang on her wall.

Today’s comic strip was indeed inspired by Hoo Hoo. Every once in a while I dream I am visiting her, drawing pictures and telling her about Zachary and Travis who are my two boys. I had a very nice visit the night before I wrote this comic strip. I wrote this for her and hope it made her smile. When it published on Tuesday, I will pay close attention to my surroundings and see if she sends me a sign that she did, indeed, smile.

Simpler times. Man, do I miss simpler times. As a kid, I would spend hours outside in the yard. I would shoot baskets in my driveway for hours, pretending I had two basketball players guarding me with the play clock running down. Move after move and shot after shot, I was a hero. I would ride my bike for hours daydreaming up stories in my head for a cast of character called The Munchsckins which my friend Eric Karl Werner and Adrian Guedin created and brought me on board as their cartoonist. I filled up tons of notebooks with story ideas and parody illustration featuring these strange little creatures.

Summer was an amazing three months of listening the Beatles albums, doodling in sketchbooks, playing outside for hours, and being free. Simpler days. Today’s comic strip is so much more than a four panel quick gag. Today’s strip is a reminder of days long gone. The past has passed. Life cannot go in reverse. Enjoy each day for what it is. Keep every day as simple as you can for however long you can… even if just for a few minutes.



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