Charmy Jumps Out of an Airplane!

Charmy must jump out of an airplane in this week's comic strip.
Charmy must jump out of an airplane in this week’s comic strip.

Taking that Leap is SCARY!

Taking a leap. We all have obstacles me must hurdle. Taking a huge jump for the first time is scary. The first time I took the training wheels of my life was frightening. The first time I attempted to hold a girl’s hand had me wanting to pass out. The first basketball game I played in as a kid had me so breathless I shot the worst air ball of my life. Most air balls fall a foot or two short of the bucket. My went over the goal. I never even looked at the goal. I just turned and threw the ball in the general direction of the basketball goal.

With all of my comic con appearances getting cancelled in the midst of this pandemic, I have been forced to make a few scary jumps. The first jump was a massive success. I have been wanting to submit my comic book to Comixology since I completed my first year running in weekly newspapers. With the syndicates ignoring my submissions in the past, I feared a rejection from Comixology. This fear of jumping took my digital comic books off the rails.

With no extra income coming in from my comic con appearances and my marketing budget doubling, I began losing money with my cartooning dream for the first time in two years. I began the year with a tremendous start at BrazCon and really believed I would perform well this year at my scheduled appearances, so I doubled down on my ad spend budget. The results had 600 people per day visiting my website! I was on the brink of a massive year!

Unfortunately, I had to pull the ad campaigns and now I only see about 200 people per day on my website. That is still extremely impressive since I am not putting any funding behind my efforts. Desperate for money to rekindle the ad campaigns, I decided to make the jump and submit a comic book to Comixology.

Success! Within three days, I was approved!!!! That is unheard of. Read more about this HERE.

So what is my next leap? I am going to request membership, FULL MEMBERSHIP, in the National Cartoonists Society. Full membership has been my dream since I was 12 years old. To be a member of a club where Charles M. Schulz was a member means more than anyone could ever know. To be part of a society where only the cream of the crop has risen would mean true success for a dream only a few at one time believed I am destined to achieve. After the past highly successful years, most everyone believes in my dream. Hard work pays off.

If any professional cartoonists out there who are current members in good standing wish to back my run for FULL MEMBERSHIP, please contact me. I need at least two professionals backing me in order to be considered.

Enjoy today’s comic strip. I hope to see you all again soon at a comic con in your neck of the woods!!!!


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