Today’s Comic Strip is so Terrifying that Flimp Passes Out!

Today's Comic Strip is so Terrifying that Flimp Passes Out!

I can see this series of comic strips being an intro into a grander story. I have been kicking around a zombie storyline but have had issues on how to start the tale. This could be the perfect intro, the gang just parachutes into a city in chaos. My vision for my comic strip has always been on storyline expansions with a monthly digital comic book which would take a 6 day story and expand it to a multi-issue comic book.

This expansion would allow for more product available to my readers. It would also mean more revenue for me and the lucky syndicate who picks me up one day. None of this can happen without a syndicate backing me financially… cough cough GoComics… King Features…. cough cough…

“Charmy’s Army – The ANT-ventures” will mark the peak of my #rEVOLUTION which began in March. The #rEVOLUTION took off this past week with the launch of “Charmy’s Army – Year One” on ComiXology. I have no idea how well the issue is selling because there is no back end to ComiXology for us to see how sales are moving. This is probably a good thing becuase I would be checking my stats every day. It is also a bad thing because I cannot push marketing via social ads and track it they are actually performing.


The ending of the strip fits with every generation before us. Each generation following World War II seems to always think that the youth of America is positioned to destroy everything that generation build and /or fought for. The point here is that each generation is the generation the generation before thought would doom our nation. Did that make sense? Every generation, that is, until you go back to World War II. Back then, kids were tough, patriotic and God-fearing. They were the ones who tell the truth about walking ten miles in a foot of snow uphill both to and from school every day. Yes, uphill both ways. Back then, street were not as technically advanced.

All that aside, I am VERY proud of the generation I see today. I have been appearing at comic cons, meeting my readers, for going on five years now. I am so impressed with how smart these young kids are today. My two sons are just getting into the real world and I have never seen two boys who are more dedicated and hard working. They humble my outlook upon my own loyalty and dedication. In the past two years, my sons have made me push myself harder at my day job and at my dream job just out of humility. I am so proud and I aspire to be like THEM one day.

We have an amazing generation stepping up to the plate and I am excited to see what they end up doing for our country and for the future of the generation they will be producing.


Just a quick update. Nerd Fest 2020 has been cancelled. I received word on this a few days ago. My next show is August 1 and 2, but I have not seen any updates on their website. I have had quite a few people ask me about the show’s status. August is still a long distance into the future and this show typically does not announce guests until closer to showtime. I am very confident the show will take place. When it does, I plan on being there for you all… unless the scenario is dangerous for you. Again we are months away and I know the promoter. He is awesome and will do what is best for all.

Will people come back to comic cons? Just look around. Stores are packed. Galveston opened beaches and they are BEYOND PACKED. Yes, people will come out to the events. Will celebrities come out? That is a great question. Top level draws will NOT in my opinion. I cannot see William Shatner or Mark Hamill risking their health this year for a meet and greet. These mega-celebrity cons, of which I hate as an artist, will all be cancelled this year… in my opinion.

Who knows, maybe all will be well again in a few months and the shows will all be back on. I hope they do because I miss seeing my fans and my comic con family. I miss the rush when you finally make table and the followup rush when you pay off the hotel. I miss the thrill of making an audience laugh when you appear on a panel. I miss the joy in people’s faces when you draw something for them. I miss those surprises like when a celebrity pops by my table to say hello and check out my comic strip. And again, I miss the money! All of my earnings when right back into my social marketing. That is all funded out of MY pocket this year because I have no profits to utilize. Bummer!


My comic book is on ComiXology!!! I am so happy. Pick it up today!


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