The Gang Plummet to their Deaths in today’s Comic Strip!

The gang plummet to their deaths in today's comic strip!
The gang plummet to their deaths in today’s comic strip!

Okay, so they are not plummeting to their deaths. I have to make my descriptions enticing so my readers are drawn in to read my comic strip and my weekly blog. Now that I have your attention, let me elaborate on today’s comic strip. This week’s strips was a joy to create! As I was sketching in this week’s comic strip, I knew the presentation would be epic. I am a huge fan of comic strips that change up the visuals in each panel. Changing each panel as drastically as I present here makes for a breathtaking look.

I am also extremely happy with the visual scope achieved here. I have tiny panels to work within. I wanted this strip to look like the sky was huge. The perspectives implemented here give off the feeling that the background is huge. It actually feels like the gang is way up in the air with thousands of miles of space surrounding them. I am so happy with the results!

Another challenge was bringing action into a scene showing the gang parachuting. How do you show action when the characters are just hanging in place by a bunch of strings? First, I show them leaping from the plane with the camera backed way off in the distance. Then when give the poses some character. Having Frenchy swinging as she falls is brilliant… if I do say so myself.

I am not always happy with my work because I am so hard on myself. This is visually one of my favorite comic strip I have created in the past few years.


I have a long weekend coming up and i plan on doing some amazing things. I am going to film a drawing lesson on Friday. I am hoping this becomes a Youtube series. I will have more info on this in a followup blog. The series will be called “Davy Toons Out”. I am so very excited about this. I just hope I can pull this off. I am so terribly nervous when that camera turns on. I am great in front of a live audience of real people. When I am alone and there is no energy to feed off of, I am a nervous wreck.


I have collected my first year in print into a digital comic book. How is it selling? I have no idea. Comixology does not feature live updates. Publishers must wait until the end of the month in order to see how their sales are moving. I have no idea if I sold any to be honest! I am working hard of my follow up comic book, Charmy’s Army – Year Two. It will be ready to order in three or four weeks. I will not pass judgement upon my success until all four collections, years one, two, three, and four, have been published and stats have been received for all four. I will determine if I am successful after I reach my six month anniversary on ComiXology.


I am experimenting with different ad programs so I am spending every bit of profit I have made this year… which is from only one show and two commissions. Business is TERRIBLE this year. I saw a record breaking take at BrazCon so I have ad money to last me through June. My next step is to begin begging for commission work. I hate grovelling. I may have to do this soon, so please forgive me! lolol….. Then again, maybe these books are actually selling.

If these books are selling, I will put half of the income into more advertising, a quarter set aside for supplies and fees, and a quarter set aside for taxes. I have no room for table investments, but with shows cancelling left and right, it appears my comic con appearances are a “thing of the past”. Man, I miss my comic con appearances. I miss driving through the great state of Texas. I miss eating at mom and pop restaurants in tiny towns. I miss REAL kolaches from REAL kolache bakeries using real Texas sausage. I cry about this every week. I am so sorry!!!!


Since my comic cons are folding and syndicates are not biting on my submissions, I am changing my focus. I am planting new seeds to grow and reach for the sky. I am working on a presentation this weekend which will pitch my talent to the National Cartoonist Society. I am hoping to be granted FULL membership. This will help me with my syndication efforts, I need validity. Acceptance from my peers will go a long way.

I am going to begin my video channel on Youtube. I am scared to death, but that is how I am with everything I try. I hate seeing myself on film. I am overly critical of everything I do. I am going to approach this video angle differently than my attempts in the past. The most important change will be in how I present myself. I am a master at creating characters. In my comic strip, I appear as the strong leader and creator of everything you see in my comic strip. I have taken some slack for this because Stephan Pastis also uses the same format. I have been in my comic strips since 1982. Not sure if Stephan was born yet. Checking…. Wow. He is just a year younger than me! Dude is in great shape for an old guy!!! Well, if I get syndicated, I will drop myself from ever appearing in my comic strip.

I plan on updating my character a bit for the LIVE version. I have a “look” that is being worked on. I may be posting some pictures soon on Social Media. This is all part of a bigger picture. I have launched my #rEVOLUTION and this new personal image is one more step forward for Charmy’s Army and the growth of this amazing industry. The ultimate goal is to open doors for all cartoonists and catapult comic strips back into the mainstream media.

Stay Safe! Stay Happy! and most of all STAY HERE!!! The journey is about to kick up a few notches!!!!



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