Frenchy beats the @#$@ out of a ghost in today’s comic strip

Frenchy beats the @#$@ out of a ghost in today's comic strip
Frenchy beats the @#$@ out of a ghost in today’s comic strip

Comicpalooza was scheduled for this weekend. Of course, as with all comic cons scheduled this month, this show did not go on as originally planned. Out of all the show appearances I do each year, Comicpalooza is the one show where I make a good chunk of change, I walk away from this show with enough money to fund two more show appearances. Without Comicpalooza, my year is shot. Even if I am able to have a show or two take place this year, I will struggle to break even because I doubt any show this year will have a large attendance.

Though that sounds like a huge setback, I am taking the reality in stride. I am enjoying being with my wife and kids during the Memorial Day break. I am at a show somewhere every year during this extended weekend, so the family time is a blessing. Every cloud has a silver lining. My silver lining is the love I receive from my wife and kids. The added bonus is that I have free time to work on new projects.


I have been asked over and over again, “why don’t you make videos showing people how to draw?”. I have kicked the idea around for years. These comic con appearances take a ton of time out of my schedule. I am making new art and replacing prints. I sell just enough at each show to cover expenses. Having this time off has me soul searching. I need more exposure and I am hoping an expansion into a video series may help grow my audience.

The first video is shot. I need to do some editing and voice overs tomorrow. I am hoping to have the video ready in a few weeks. The video series will be called “Davy Toons Out” and will feature tutorials and video blogs.

These videos will be fun to make and I am open to suggestions. If you have an idea for a video, please leave your suggestion in the comments below.

The first video will explain how I draw using shapes like circles and ovals to sketch out my plans before I actually begin drawing. I will draw a two versions of Batman and a Pikachu. The shoot came out great. The issue I had with the outcome was with my enthusiasm. As I draw, I am so focused on drawing that I am not focusing on my voice. I sound so bored. I am never bored, especially when I am drawing. Tomorrow I will create a new voice over and perk up the video. I want the person watching the video to be excited about drawing. I want to motivate them and charge up their energy.


CHARMY’S ARMY – YEAR ONE – Available on ComiXolgy!
Be sure and purchase my first digital comic book on Comixology and support my dream to become a real cartoonist. ORDER HERE

I am starting a #rEVOLUTION which will catapult my comic strip to the next level. With printed comics, I send $3 making each book. Taxes, backer boards and sleeves take out another 50 cents per issue. I make $1.50 with each sale. I am just now at break even on my last run and these books are two years old, so sales have all but halted. I spend $800 and I am just now at break even… how depressing is that? I am convinced there is no money in printed comics for small, independent artists like me.

Refusing to admit defeat, I have jumped into digital publishing. I am testing the waters with Charmy’s Army – Year One. With ComiXology, reporting is distributed monthly. I have no idea if my book has sold a single copy. My gut is telling me I sold 8 copies. I make $1 for every digital copy sold. In order for the digital comics to amount to some real earnings, I need to sell a ton of comics. I have put $100 into social media ads and into google ads. Neither appear to have worked unfortunately. I will have a better idea in three weeks when the Comixology report is published.


I hope everyone is having a fun holiday! I wish to thank each and every veteran and service personnel for their service. I also wish to praise all first responders and all the doctors in nurses during these crazy times. You are all heroes. God bless you all!


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