Flimp Messes with some Dangerous Chemicals

Flimp the Chimp messes with some DANGEROUS chemicals in today's comic strip
Flimp the Chimp messes with some DANGEROUS chemicals in today’s comic strip

Here is a comic strip where the story is going to expand later into a full comic book. Once I get syndicated, I hope to convince the syndicates into letting me publish a monthly comic book digitally on their website. Each book would be based upon a single strip, or series of strips, which need(s) further exploring. This week’s single strip is a great example.

Where can this comic strip go from here? Well, the obvious direction this story could move to would be for the formula to become an amazing love potion. We could find that anyone who wears it has the opposite sex falling madly in love with whoever wears the cologne. The story would develop into a zombie like situation for the gang who are all wearing cologne. One sniff and the victims become intoxicated to the point to where they have no conscious of their own devise.

Can Flimp create an antidote before the swarm of love-struck women tear down the door leading to the hiding place for Charmy, Weaver, Blue, and Turtle? Is this the end of my characters from my comic strip Charmy’s Army? Don’t worry, I have this all figured out. This story will be one of the best comic books starring comic strip characters that you’ve ever read!



Good question! I wanted to launch this year as a printed series. I had hoped to get some local comic book stores carrying my Comic Books and to hold signings, but with COVID-19 stomping on my dream in early march, my plans changed quickly. I am experimenting with a digital comic book on ComiXology. If I can make a few hundred bucks from last month’s sales, I will prepare an original story for electronic publication and distribution via ComiXology. My fear is that my marketing plans have fallen flat and no one is buying my digital comic book. If I only sell a dozen downloads, I am going to be so disappointed and will need to start over again with a new idea for making money at this cartooning dream.

You have to let people know you have a book for sale. Without advertising, you will never sell a book. I began by boosting a Facebook post for $30. The link in the post drove the consumer directly to the download page on ComiXology. I make about 75 cents per purchase. The boosted post resulted in 42 clicks. A click does NOT mean a comic book was purchased. If it did, I broke even. I will be lucky if 2% followed through. 2% of 42 clicks is less than one purchase. My guess is that the Facebook ad failed miserably.

I spent another $30 on a source on Fiverr who claims they can bring people to my page using keywords. They promise to bring about 800 people per day to your website for a period of 29 days. My website is seeing just over 1,000 people per day as a result. This is amazing, but I cannot tell if it is real. Google Analytics seems to point out that this traffic is real. The incoming traffic is pointed to a page I created to sell my digital comic book. That page is getting all of the incoming traffic. I have no idea if people are clicking on the link to ComiXology or whether they are making a purchase if they do go to the ComiXology purchase link.

Why do I not know anything? ComiXology does not have real time royalty reports. Sellers must wait until the month-end reporting moves through their accounting department. Sellers receive a report midway through the following month. By the time I get a copy of the report, I will have my expectations set so high. I just know I am in for a HUGE disappointment after spending $60 on two advertising campaigns. I am betting that I pull in $12 from my cut from ComiXology. I am bracing for a hit. I am at “break even” for the year right now, and a loss will be devastating.

Last year was amazing. My Comic Con earnings were rising show after show. I began this year with a huge win at BrazCon, making a profit of over $800 at a one day show that lasted only 6 hours! I could not wait to see how well I performed this year at my comic con appearances. Weeks before my next show, America shut down. This was the right thing to do, so I am not complaining. That $600 was spent quickly. I purchased more top loaders. I paid fees my Adobe Software. I paid my annual website hosting fees. I was actually in the read afterwards. I have had only one commission, which was a a logo design, this year and it brought me back up to break even. This is where I am at now. Break even.

Should these two ad campaigns fail, I am going to drop my ongoing social funding. I have been spending $50 monthly to boost posts and add paid traffic to my website. This action has played out for the past two years now with good success. The funding came from whatever profits I made at my comic con appearances. Without any appearances scheduled due to the pandemic, I am forced to stop all advertising and see how this negatively affects my traffic and my exposure socially online.


Sounds like I am in a pickle, right? No!!! Traffic or no traffic, this is my dream. I have more ideas for bringing in traffic in full swing. My next project involves Youtube. I am working on my first Youtube video and hope to re-launch my Youtube change by the end of June. I do not expect a Youtube channel to go viral of course. I am looking at this channel as a means of exposure for me and my talent.

The goal of my channel is to showcase my drawing skills, and my knowledge of techniques used in creating comic strips. It is crucial I demonstrate my abilities to the syndicates so they can take me a bit more serious. The overall goal in life is to picked up for syndication. I am never going to make a career out of cartooning if I am the guy distributing Charmy’s Army to newspapers across America. These newspapers are not going to talk to me. They only trust a syndicate with a proven track record.

All the work I have pushed out, all of the money I have invested, and all of the stress I have endured has been for one purpose. I want to become a syndicated cartoonist and make the world smile. I am on my way to success.

All is GOOD. All is still moving along as planned.


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