Davy and his Comic Strips is CURSED!

Davy and his Comic Strips is CURSED!
Davy and his Comic Strips is CURSED!


This comic strip was written back in February during a layover I experienced on a business trip for my day job. I step in… or should I say “step up”… for my sales department when they are overbooked. I will perform product demonstrations at trade shows for our Workman’s Friend Barrier Skin Cream. I really enjoy it when I get called up to demo this product. I love to travel and see cities that I have never seen. Unfortunately, every trip I have made leaves no time for me to explore. I fly in, race to the show and fly home. On a few occasions I have been able to fly in the night before, but I get in late and still have no time to have any fun.

So that is the timeline for writing this story. It was a month before the Covid-19 pandemic broke. This strip is the beginning of a total of SIX strips which tell the story of Davy being cursed. Writing these strips was therapy for me. I had a string of terrible luck beginning with a cancelled vacation. My wife and I were about to walk out the door and head to Las Vegas when a pipe burst in out home and we had to cancel hours before takeoff. We lost a lot of money too because most show tickets were non-refundable. After saving for years, we are at square one. It’ll be a few years before we try again.

That was the mindset when writing the strips. IT ALL COMES ACROSS SO PETTY NOW!!!!

Timing is hard to plan when you produce comic strip months in advance. This is terrible timing for this story. Our nation is suffering through some very difficult times. The virus is still out there stronger than ever. We have a divided country and protests demand much needed changes in our country. I could not have timed this story at a worse time.


Some cartoonists work a full year in advance. This is why most daily cartoonists do not touch political topics. I do not touch these topics because I do not find that type of humor funny. I love silly humor. The one huge exception was Berke Breathed who would crank out his strips at the last minute so he could stay politically relevant. Back in those days, strips were mailed in via the postal service because we were decades away from becoming digital. Heck, computer hard drives maxed out at 250 megabytes. It was caveman days!


I really love the witch. I had first drew here to be an ugly witch, but that is so cliche. I then drew her as a sexy, Samantha Stephens style witch. For you whipper snappers, Samantha Stephens is the main character in a TV show called Bewitched. When she was drawn up as a sexy witch, she no longer looked like a witch. The version you see here is the third attempt. When drawing this version, I drew the sexy with with features from the traditional, ugly witch. The mash up worked well. This was a lot of work for a one-shot appearance, but this is what I do. Every scene and every character must be perfect. I have syndicated watching so I must give every I have to each comic strip. If I ever get a chance with GoComics, it’ll come from my time and dedication I pour into each comic strip.

I love drawing silhouettes. I have crafted a style over the years for drawing this scenes. I am so very happy with where I am now. These scenes add a nice contrast to the layout. I one use silhouettes sparingly throughout the weeks. I do not want to appear lazy. Too many of these scenes used too frequently could come across as the work of a lazy artist. Yes, these scenes are quicker to draw, but they are only used when the feel is right. The reason it works here is because the silhouette calls attention to that one panel. Why does it need special attention paid to it? Well, this panel includes a bonus gag. It is a subtle gag, but buy making this scene pop, we give more attention to the gag and it is no long subtle.

Yes… I put THAT much thought into every comic strip.

I know what the big question is in today’s strip. What the heck am I drinking in today’s comic strip? I am drinking an iced coffee. I drink so slowly in real life. The ice has melted as you can see. I love making Iced Coffees at home. I use a Ninja Brewing System to make my drinks. I love coffee from Bones Coffee Company.I am constantly purchasing their trial 5-packs so I can taste all of their different flavors. There are some I do not care for, but for the most part I love the majority of their flavors. My favorite is White Russian. It has an amazing bite!


I have no idea yet how this year will play out. My next scheduled appearance is August 1st and 2nd at Bell County Comic Con. It appears they are planning on having the show. I am VERY cautious about the show. The venue is tiny and the crowd is massive. This is an extremely dangerous situation. I will have to stay at a hotel which scares the heck out of me. Who slept in that bed before me? How clean are the sheets? How clean is the room? I am so afraid when looking at the current stats coming across the news wire.

For now, I am not planning on doing any shows this year. That can very well change should the incoming data reflect a drop. As of today, there is no way I can risk my health. My problem is that cancelling means losing my table investment. I am already in the red this year, so losing $400 would hurt beyond measure. Commissions have vanished, so the only money inbound is from the two newspapers running Charmy. Part of my “bad luck” from last year was losing 5 papers who all went out of business.


I am still investing in Google ads. Lats year’s funding came from every cent I made at my show appearances. This year the ad funds have come out of an amazing show appearance at Braz Con. I just used the last of that profit… so I am going to cut off my ads. The last time I cut out the budget, my daily views tanked. It is crazy how important the “pay to play” is for your website’s SEO. A successful website and product depends on a good ad budget.

Back to my comic con appearances, I do have on in Baytown in September which is a local show. This may be the only show I will do this year. It is at a college though. I can foresee issues with this… but September is a long way away. If I do end up cancelling my remaining shows this year, I will lose about $1500 because these shows do not refund due to cancellations. It’ll be a nasty hit. This would mean no funding for shows in 2021 and would mean promoters being mad at me. I have a lot to dwell upon. Cancelling due to health concerns could be the end to my comic con days.

I have no idea what I am going to do.

It is time for me to jump to a new level. Syndication is crucial for the survival of my dream. This all begins with my next personal project…. DETAILS NEXT WEEK!!!


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