Oh!!! The Horror! Today’s comic strip is Horror Full!!!!!

Davy's bad luck is getting worse in today's comic strip.
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Life continues to run parallel with my comic strip!

I write these comic strips months in advance. I wrote this comic strip back in February when I lost a few newspapers, lowering my run to only three newspapers. This week I found out another newspaper was bought out by a larger newspaper. This larger newspapers uses a weekly service through King Features and they are removing the current comic strips from the purchased publication. The comic strips are being replaced with the comic strips from King Features’ weekly service. I an actually now only running in two newspapers.

The good news is that I am making enough money from these two newspapers to cover the cost of my monthly Photoshop dues and to just about cover my art supplies for the month. I am at break-even when it comes to creating the strips. I cannot complain because I am not losing money… and I am so happy creating my comic strips for my legion of readers.

Flip A Coin

by Davy Jones

Volcano explodes, Hell’s fury’s unleashed…
and the pressure is violently released.
One’s heart explodes, the pressure is decreased
but that being is deceased.

Bad with the good.
Good with the bad.
While some are happy,
others are sad.

Two-side coins possess opposite faces.
They stare toward different spaces.
One towards love and the other to disgraces,
Both destined for different places.

The coin will spin.
Your side is locked in.
Remember before we begin,
Cooler heads will always win.

I hope you like that poem. Secretly, I love to write these little poetic blurbs because they are a bit of a challenge…. and I rarely share them because they are so personal to me. I seldom preach here, but after a series of heartbreaking weeks throughout our nation has strengthen me to rise up… I must speak out and expose my Christian side.

Please remember… Jesus died for ALL of our sins. ALL of us. We are one with Him.

Please open your hearts and your minds. Love will get us through. Peace and love.


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